Jim Rogers on Pandemic Politics, Asia, and Lessons from World Travel

Renowned investor, author, and world traveler Jim Rogers joins David Gornoski to discuss pandemic politics, lockdowns, the future of Asia, America’s debt crisis, and lessons from world travel.

Is the 21st century heading towards Asian dominance? “I don’t like saying this. I’m an American but look out the window. Asia seems to have handled this [pandemic] much less badly; they’re not going nuts by printing huge amounts of money, and they’re not spending money like we are in the US.”

On the necessity of tariffs as protection for the domestic market: “I would love it if America started making shirts as cheap and high quality as China does but are we going to buy American TVs again?” Jim Rogers asks as he puts the onus on the consumer. “If we can do it, by all means!”

“The best education that you can get is through travel. You can read about country X or you can go there and see the truth. You’ll find out that, normally, the truth is different from what the TV or propaganda tells you.”

Listen to the full podcast below:

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