Libby Emmons on NPR Celebration of Looting, Michael Gibson on Luminar Going Public

Libby Emmons, senior editor at the Post Millenial, calls in to talk about the leftist defense of looting, which is even seen by one author as ‘reparations.’ Are there powerful entities behind the organizing of the rioters? Listen to the full episode for Libby and David’s analysis, and more. Also in the show, Michael Gibson, co-founder of the 1517 Fund, joins David Gornoski to talk about one of 1517’s companies, Luminar Technologies, going public. Gibson takes us through how Luminar started out and its mission to engage in innovation outside the restrictions of ivy league campuses. What are some of the radical innovations that Luminar is aiming at? How can science and technology bring peace and prosperity in a society rife with anger?

Our Country’s Search for Justice

David Gornoski comments on the latest news surrounding the shooting at Portland. Is it any coincidence that the shooter identified himself as “hundred percent Antifa?” In light of the Rand Paul incident, what valid argument can Marxism provide when it almost always resort to persecution and violence? The host of A Neighbor’s Choice also comments on the fading away of the old media journalism, authoritarianism under the guise of pandemic measures, medical hindrance in the form of patenting, the protecting of big corporations through regulatory powers, and more.

Filmmaker Jon Croft on the Future of Governance, Technology, Storytelling

Film Producer and Director Jon Croft joins David Gornoski to reflect on the work of anthropologist Rene Girard and its significance in politics and culture. In light of the socio-political unrest around us right now, have people lost their belief in the American dream? Jon says that what we’re seeing now is the gradual death of democracy and in such a state it would be wise to subject government to voluntary market choices. How does creativity and innovation uplift a society? Jon gives us the example of filmmaking, which wouldn’t be effective without creative freedom. How do narratives shape society? Is there any difference between mainstream news coverage and filmmaking? Listen to the full episode to hear more.

Anna Paulina Luna on Her Race for US Congress

David Gornoski starts off the show with the latest news surrounding the RNC, particularly the news of a hysterical mob circling an exiting Rand Paul and his wife. The frightening question, David says, is what lays in store for us when Trump is no longer around for the possessed leftist crowd to scapegoat? Listen to the entire episode as David explains how we can disarm persecuting crowds and unite our neighbors as Christ did in His earthly life; plus, Anna Paulina Luna joins in to talk about her Republican run for congress, America’s foreign policy, the leftist persecution of Rand Paul, criminal justice reform, and more.

Do Foreign Black Lives Matter to the New York Times?

David Gornoski host of the FM/AM radio show “A Neighbor’s Choice” takes on the obscene media hypocrisy on social justice. The NY Times, Washington Post, and major television networks have consistently pushed the case for perpetual war overseas, costing the lives of millions of people of color overseas and laying waste to survivors’ communities, property, and culture. Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and many others are glaring reminders that the Victim-garbed corporate media does not truly stand for the lives of people of color around the world. They actively run over them.


Dr. Yu on Self Charging Batteries, Keith Weiner on the Fed

Can nano-diamond self-charging batteries change energy forever? Dr. Weiping Yu returns to give us his opinion on this latest curiosity in the world of science. On nuclear energy, Dr. Yu remarks: “Radiation itself is not the problem but the concentration of radiation is the problem.” The physicist also comments on maximizing solar technology with infra-red light.
Plus, Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals joins David to discuss the Federal Reserve’s new policy to tackle inflation. Can deflation help out our economy? Is the Federal Reserve a socialist instrument? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Libertarianism vs Christianity, Chad Marks on Unjust Sentencing Rules

David Gornoski breaks down Joe Biden’s mythology upon which he is running for president while going through the latest news from around the country. What do the suspension of NHL and other sports seasons mean in the anthropological sense? What are some of the radical differences between libertarianism and Christianity? Also in the show, Chad Marks calls in to talk about his recent compassionate release as well as stacked 924(c) charges, government hindrance to the first step act, victimless crime laws, and more.

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The Monstrous Doubling in Politics, Jeff Deist on Deflation, Liberalism

David Gornoski starts off the show by analyzing how the two parties in America, Republican and Democratic, are mirrors of each other. “The more the two parties compete for power, the more they look the same.” What can we do to escape this mirroring that happens far too often in politics? Listen to the full episode to find out. Also, Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist calls in to talk about deflation, Jeff Booth’s book ‘The Price of Tomorrow,’ the role of the federal reserve in creating consumerism, liberalism as opposed to Marxism, and more.

James Lindsay on Cynical Theories

What happens when a government based on mob mentality and sacrifice is dying right before our eyes? Exactly what we’re seeing right now on the streets of our nation, David Gornoski says. For far too long, people have been imitating a government system rooted in violence and coercion and have learned to carry out in groups things that wouldn’t be permissible for individuals. Joining David to discuss how the young are indoctrinated with violence and for violence in academia is Dr. James Lindsay, author of the new book ‘Cynical Theories.’ Listen to the entire episode for an intriguing conversation on critical theory, postmodernist indoctrination, violence through collectivism, and more.

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Why Blame Boomers? Plus, Amy Povah and Dickie Lynn Talk Prison

It’s become fashionable to blame baby boomers for much of society’s ills today. Did boomers create endless debt and corruption in politics? Who abolished the Bretton Woods system? Are boomers responsible for a system based on creating money out of thin air? Should we scapegoat generations or do we look at the core of the problem, which is a rigged economic system? Plus, joining David Gornoski is CAN-DO Clemency’s Amy Povah and former federal prison inmate Dickie Lynn who describes how he received compassionate release under the first step act.

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