DC Film Series: War and the Rogue Presidency with Ivan Eland

Ivan Eland, defense analyst and author of books such as Recarving Rushmore and War and the Rogue Presidency, sits down with David Gornoski to discuss the history of America’s warhawk policies from both the Democratic and Republican parties. The two look particularly at the practice of starting wars from false flags and the myth of retribution. Did the US know that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor? Whose side are we on in Syria? How does war relate to the ancient religious practice of human sacrifice?

DC Film Series: Keeping the Faith in DC with John Burtka

John Burtka IV, Executive Director of The American Conservative, sits down with David Gornoski to discuss what led him from an interest in theology to politics and finally to the conservative movement. What are some of the challenges for an anti-war conservative in DC? How do we morally reconcile our support for either party with the pro-violence stances of politicians on both sides of the fence? Once we recognize the anthropological reality, how do informed Christians address the fact that the government is a religious structure with a monopoly on violence?

DC Film Series: Why Humans Love War with Bruce Fein

David Gornoski is joined by Bruce Fein, an expert constitutional lawyer. Together, the two discuss the liberty movement and what the lack of such a movement entails. Are power, self-interest, and greed only limited to the private sector? Is the separation of powers reconcilable with the desire to police the world? Bruce Fein highlights the absurdity of our involvement in the various interventionist wars around the globe and the hypocrisy of the mainstream media feigning concern for social justice while pushing for endless wars overseas. Why do human beings love war? Will humanity ever lose its appetite for war?

DC Film Series: Christianity, Liberty, and Nationalism with Dan McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy, editor of Modern Age, sits down with David Gornoski, host of A Neighbor’s Choice, to talk about the need for an alternative to leftist culture, the future of conservatism in America, dehumanization in political rhetoric, similarities between President Trump and Ron Paul, government hindrance to innovation and progress in science and technology, and more. Does China have a diabolical plan for America’s downfall? How should we effectively critique trade in our country that would benefit our nation and encourage voluntary interaction at the same time?

THINGS HIDDEN Film Series: Uncovering the Victims

David Gornoski, host of A Neighbor’s Choice radio show, sits down with pastor Jim Fitzgerald for a groundbreaking conversation on the early years of Christianity in the Middle-East and North Africa; Rene Girard’s anthropological reading of Christianity; Christianity as the anti-myth that deconstructs the mono-myths; the “founding murder” of civilization; human desire; and more. How powerful is mythology when we observe the current socio-political situation in America? Why are many Americans concerned with superficial social justice while ignoring the real flesh and blood victims of state violence? Is the “Woke” movement a reflection of the State that seeks to engineer society through coercion and violence? How does Jesus’ crucifixion help us in breaking out of the circles of persecution, violence, and war?