The Unified Stress Theory that Revolutionizes Medicine and CO2’s Role

David Gornoski sits down with anesthesiologist Dr. Lewis Coleman for a groundbreaking conversation on the human body’s stress mechanism, why the truth about CO2 is being buried, the insanity of standard anesthesia procedure, healing with communal placebo, the role of the thyroid, and more. Dr. Coleman’s website here. Four Forgotten Giants of Anesthesia History.

Trump and Martyr’s Energy: Why Scapegoats Have Power

Since 2015, I have identified Trump as the supreme scapegoat of the American establishment and its followers. In podcasts, articles, and radio shows, I have explained the Christian anthropological forces at play in giving him power the more he is vilified and persecuted. Understanding why is the key to unlocking our future.

How CO2 is the Key to Obesity, Longevity, Metabolism, Wound Healing, and Mental Health

David Gornoski sits down with Steve Scott to discuss why we need Co2 more than we realize. Why does living at high altitudes reduce cancer and obesity risk? How does one know if they’re CO2 deficient? How should we breathe? Why should we watch out for cosmic radiation and PUFA? Carbogenetics website here.

Amber O’Hearn on Keto & Ray Peat’s Bioenergetics vs Metabolic Crisis

 Amber O’Hearn joins David Gornoski to talk about why red meat is important, why a high protein diet may not work for everyone, how our metabolism is being destroyed, solutions to impaired thyroid, whether people get aggressive from carnivore, and more. Check out Amber’s website here.

Can Clothes Protect Us From EMF Harm?

David Gornoski sits down with Devansh Sood to talk about EMF exposure and how his clothing brand Fique is dealing with this issue. Would special clothing be enough to shield us from EHS? How does 5G affect us? What separates Fique from other EMF protective clothing? Check out Fique’s website here.