THINGS HIDDEN 192: Power Made Perfect

David Gornoski talks about the futility of power-grabbing politics, how to really defeat fear-filled mythologies, the bias against innovation in dissenting media, gnostic/dualistic trappings, co-participating with God in the renewal of the world, and more.

Ozempic Does What to Your Body? w/ Dr. Carrie Berkovich

David Gornoski sits down with Dr. Carrie Berkovich for a discussion on the dangers of Ozempic and how we can reverse its damage. Is there a possibility of getting skin cancer from exposure to the sun? Are venoms in medicine good for us? Why do our livers function at only twenty percent on a good […]

THINGS HIDDEN 191: What Made the West Lose its Mind?

David Gornoski is joined by Shane Kennedy and Shannon Braswell for a conversation on the negation of the body in the West, the rise of pseudo-gnosticism, the similarities in modern-day conflicts, returning to signs and wonders, why secularists want to transcend nature, the attempt to return to Nietzschean, and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 190: What Is the Katechon? w/ George Boreas

David Gornoski sits down with George Boreas, author of the Modern Malaise, for a conversation on China’s encounter with Western ideas, the paradox of governments, why socio-political unrest is occurring, how media revolution breaks down barriers, and more. Buy the Modern Malaise here.

THINGS HIDDEN 189: What Is the Cornerstone Effect?

What do the cornerstone passages in the Bible refer to? In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski shows us how Jesus is the cornerstone of history, how the aura of the scapegoat attracts us today, how the new order of Christ manifests around us, and more.

Meeting the Masai with Chief Ole Tendeu and Suzanne Alexander

David Gornoski is joined by Suzanne Alexander and Masai Chief Ole Tendeu for a fascinating conversation on Masai culture, their politics, religion, diet, exposure to the outside world, and more. Follow Suzanne on Instagram here.

THINGS HIDDEN 188: Why Envy Motivates Political Discourse

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski addresses the elephant in the room when it comes to online political discourse, i.e. mimetic envy. Why are we always presented with false choices from popular influencers? Why are influencers always bragging about their follower counts? Listen to the whole show to find out.

Should Christians Be Voting For Pro-Choice Republicans? (Appearance on the Iron Disciples Podcast)

David Gornoski sits down at the Iron Disciples Podcast to discuss Trump and Kari Lake’s remarks on Arizona’s abortion ban. Are Republicans “pro-life” as they claim? Can the Church take back marriage from the state? How should politics and the Church interact? Why did God create the universe? Check out the Iron Disciples Podcast here.

THINGS HIDDEN 187: What is Gospel Technology?

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski explains the term “Gospel Technology” while describing the various ways it is being used today. What is mythology and why do the Gospels invert them? Is it possible for us to revert to ancient mythological standards? How are humans today making use of Gospel Technology?

THINGS HIDDEN 186: The Triumph of Christ over Gnostic Ideology and Islam

David Gornoski is joined by Q of Mimetic Value for a fascinating conversation on how the revelation of Christ teaches the true nature of desire, why Islam is a retreat back to ideology, how the trajectory of history proves Christianity, how Christ sets the terms for all modern-day conflicts, how Jesus predicted the undifferentiation in […]