Tho Bishop on Trump’s Indictment and the Future of the American Empire

 David Gornoski sits down with Mises Institute’s Tho Bishop for a conversation on Trump’s indictment, whether Ron DeSantis miscalculated by not defending Trump, the weaponization of America’s justice system, why Trump might win if he’s arrested, the international consequences of Trump’s arrest, the future of the American empire, a multipolar financial world order, why […]

THINGS HIDDEN 107: The Future of Mimesis, Psychology, Physics with Scott Garrels

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski sits down with psychologist Scott Garrels, author of Mimesis and Science, for a conversation on mimetic theory from a psychological perspective; mirror neurons; magnetoreception; unanimity against a scapegoat; how psychology, physics, and mimetic theory compliments each other; and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 106: The Cleansing of the Temple

David Gornoski, Shannon Braswell, and Shane Kennedy sit down for a conversation that starts off with Jesus’ cleansing of the temple and then moves into how this event has changed the trajectory of human history. What is the anthropological reality behind animal sacrifices? Would Jesus have survived in Old Testament times? What does the casting […]

THINGS HIDDEN 105: Exorcist Fr. Vincent Lampert on Battling Against Satan

In this special THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski sits down with renowned exorcist Fr. Vincent Lampert for a conversation on the phenomenon of demonic possession; whether we should always blame the devil; how humans seek substitutes for God in chaos; whether America is demonically possessed; the difference between possession in the West and the pagan […]

THINGS HIDDEN 104: Trust in Apocalypse with Michael Hardin

David Gornoski sits down with Michael Hardin, author of the Jesus Driven Life, for a conversation on how Jesus changes the concept of religion in the ancient world, how the Gospel affects economics, the technological sins, gnostic origin of modern Christianity, the coming Jesus revolution, Donald Trump as scapegoat, the future of American politics, the […]

THINGS HIDDEN 103: Death to the World with Buck Johnson

David Gornoski sits down with Buck Johnson, the host of the Counterflow podcast, for a conversation on the origin of the Counterflow podcast, his conversion to Orthodoxy, spiritual discipline in firefighting, facing the spirit of the crowd, cultural changes in the new generation, from “death to tyrants” to “death to the world,” persecution, martyrdom, and […]

THINGS HIDDEN 102: Mimetic Analysis of a Demonic Possession

David Gornoski is joined by Jordan Landfear and Surit Dasgupta for a discussion of Fr. Malachi Martin’s popular book Hostage to the Devil. Are the exorcism stories true? What does the first case in Fr. Martin’s book signify for our time? Can those who get demonically possessed resist evil? Listen to the full podcast to […]

United Airline Pilots on Their Historic Vax Lawsuit

David Gornoski is joined by former United Airline pilots who are leading the fight for bodily sovereignty in the airline industry, Tom Floyd and Tom Anderson. What do we make of the US government’s close connection to United Airlines? Should United Airlines be excused for the mandates based on being a “private company?” Are the […]

Seed Oil Survival: Gut Health, Sugar vs Seed Oils with Kyle Mamounis

In this episode of Seed Oil Survival, David Gornoski sits down with Kyle Mamounis for a conversation on the impact of Ray Peat’s nutrition ideas, cellular regeneration, memeification of seed oil avoidance, how endotoxin builds up in the gut, how to keep the intestines sterile, and more. Check out Kyle’s YouTube channel here.

Peter St Onge on the Bank Runs and Preparing for Recession

David Gornoski is joined by Peter St. Onge for a fascinating conversation on the current bank crisis, the real cause of inflation, whether the crypto market is to blame, whether the “tech bros” had a hand in this crisis, why the whole banking system is one big Ponzi scheme, how different it would be without […]