The Crowd Devours Herod, Corey DeAngelis on School Choice Under Biden

David Gornoski starts the episode with an excellent analysis of the crowd spirit by examining the murder of John the Baptist. Also in the show, David is joined by Corey DeAngelis, the director of school choice at Reason Foundation. The two talk about what school choice means; the future of school choice under Biden; the state’s hostility towards charter schools; the education interest money behind Biden’s team; and more. Why did Bill de Blasio close all New York City public schools based on an arbitrary COVID-19 positivity rate? Did the lockdowns cause a shift in parents’ choices towards homeschools?

Meeting Goliath with the Truth

“We have to be mindful of the content we consume.” Join David Gornoski as he dissects and highlights how the new media–imitative of the old TV media–never seem to make you into a better person. How does the media obfuscate our moral responsibility? How does the media manipulate us into thinking that words are violence and actual violence is passé? “Barack Obama had the house and the senate,” David says, “but he didn’t do a thing for criminal justice reform.” How do we get people out of the hive mind of Big Tech-engineered hate and division? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Veterans Radio: Return of the Swamp Creatures

Sgt. Dan McKnight of Bring Our Troops Home returns for another segment of Veterans Radio and he is joined by Danny Sjursen, author of Patriotic Dissent. McKnight gives us another rundown on all the returning swamp creatures in Biden’s administration. Who are the generals that Biden is bringing in and how many of them has deep ties to the Military Industrial Complex? Who are the Atlantic Council and why are they for delaying troop withdrawal from Afghanistan? Who is Michèle Flournoy and why is she favored by the generals?

Reject the Government’s Fake Alternatives

David Gornoski continues his analysis of the election fallout. Conservative Inc. has more in common with the Left than you’d like to realize, David says as he highlights how Republicans like Liz Cheney target Trump for his insistence to bring the troops home. Why are many Americans being evicted from their homes? Can the government save us by printing more money? Government, David says, always provide fake alternatives to the real thing. “The people want the real thing.” Listen to the full episode for all this and more.

End of the Priesthood

Ninety-six percent of Dominion’s employees donate to the Democrats. “The establishment isn’t interested in moving away from the partisan voting system,” David Gornoski says as he begins his analysis of the latest news surrounding this disputed presidential election. How easy is it to hack the Dominion voting software? David Gornoski highlights how, four years ago, Fox News said hacking Dominion was possible but now are pretending that it’s not possible. Join David for another epic takedown of the same old state priesthood being ushered in by Biden and more.

Jim O’Neill Makes the Case for Dramatic Anti-Aging Medicine

In this important conversation on health, David Gornoski sits down with Jim O’Neill, CEO of the SENS Research Foundation. How do we effectively fight viruses such as COVID-19? O’Neill brings attention to the urgency of strengthening our immune systems. Why should we look into anti-aging? Anti-aging research, O’Neill says, looks into the possibility of targeting senescent cells where many diseases take hold. How soon can we see the results of this research? Given our societal norms, is overcoming death through scientific means something that we should look into?

Captives Set Free! Rufus Rochell Reunites with Brother Rick Williams

David Gornoski starts the episode with a reflection on the news of the Mayfair mall shooting in Wisconsin. “The problem with many today is that they see institutions or ideologies as more sacred than human life.” David is joined by Rufus Rochell, a friend of the show, and the two break the story that Rufus’ brother Richard Williams has received clemency from President Trump. Richard tells us about how he was indicted unjustly on drug conspiracy charges and how, after a long struggle, he was able to finally come home.

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Trail Thoughts: From Despair to Hope

Investigative journalist Alec Klein and noted publisher Eric Kampmann return for a brand new segment of Trail Thoughts. The two start the segment with an emphasis on the season of Advent. Eric turns to the story of the road to Emmaus. How would this story reflect on our lives today, especially with the pandemic and the socio-political unrest going on? Where is hope to be found? “I see no hope in governments. I see hope in human hearts.” How does Jesus’ incarnation effect hope in humanity? Listen to the full segment to find out and more.

Media Myths Losing Steam

David Gornoski continues his deconstruction of the media’s alliance with state institutions in manipulating the masses with scapegoating lies. David also comments on the New York Times’ admission that Trump was right in not wanting to close public schools. The good news is that the vast majority of folks are losing faith in the squawk box more and more, David says as he highlights how the media narrative is losing steam. Listen to the full episode as David Gornoski unearths the sacrificial altar of the corporate press and more.

Dr. Chris Knobbe Exposes the Devastating Effects of Omega 6 Seed Oils, PUFAs

David Gornoski sits down with ophthalmologist and founder of Cure AMD Foundation, Chris Knobbe. Knobbe details his journey from suffering from arthritis to regaining his health through a controlled diet. The conversation shifts to what is causing the current health crisis, especially in the pandemic, that we’re seeing thanks to processed food which contains sugar with seed and vegetable oils. Within a century, the United States went from having zero heart-related deaths to having a third of its people dying of heart disease, Knobbe points out. The same goes for cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. Why do certain regions in the world have obesity and certain regions do not? How do we protect our children from the poisonous processed foods available in the market today? Do we need Omega-6 and Omega-3?