THINGS HIDDEN 4: What Binds Us Together?

We talk about human sacrifice in history and our modern times. What binds us together? What is the psychological-social force that unites us out of our personas? We look at the earliest depiction of the Cross of Christ in history–a telling piece of street graffiti meant to deride the new concept of Christ followers that the highest social good belongs with the outcast, misfit, and wrongful victim.


THINGS HIDDEN 3 : Joker Film Analysis

Things Hidden host David Gornoski analyzes the movie ‘Joker’ while using its themes about culture, scapegoats, hierarchy, doubles, envy, and the breakdown of myth with the support of the Mimetic theory founded by Rene Girard. Saturnalia and other winter solstice carnival festivals preceding sacrifice, Cain and Abel, Romulus and Remus, Jesus and the Demoniac, and other stories are brought in to illuminate why this film strikes a nerve in our times.

THINGS HIDDEN 2: Saturnalia

Jesus’s persecution looks like the Saturnalia sacrificial festival of the Romans as well as the scapegoat ritual of Leviticus and the Greek pharmakos purge. This was a feature of Jesus’s plan in demonstrating the ugly reality of how humans make culture, order, and peace. Find out how this social mechanism Jesus uncovers operates in world history and political power.

THINGS HIDDEN picks up the headlines and uncovers the similar patterns in history so that we can discover the error of collective coercion.

Those seeking a first-class education of Rene Girard’s mimetic theory applied to current events will not want to miss this series.