THINGS HIDDEN 133: The Truth of the Incorruptible Body

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, Shannon Braswell and Shane Kennedy get together for a fascinating conversation on sister Wilhelmina Lancaster as role model against a nihilistic culture, whether miracles are real, the transition towards Vatican II, cults of personality, and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 132: New Rights and Old Wrongs

David Gornoski, Shannon Braswell, and Shane Kennedy talk about the concept of historical sins as it relates to social justice; how North Korea would handle California; the latest revelations on the Biden family; the post-libertarian Right; Machiavelli’s political philosophy; force vs. persuasion; the truth behind the retreat to traditionalism; and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 131: Subdue the Earth (Year Zero Interview)

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski sits down with Tommy Salmons of the Year Zero podcast for a conversation on reclaiming “Cain’s domain,” pining for Caesars to save us, the crisis of masculinity, how bad theology leads to seed oils, critiquing scientism, and more. Check out Year Zero podcast here.

Fiat Food and Its Consequences (Interview by Tho Bishop)

David Gornoski appears on Good Money with Tho Bishop to discuss “how government policies have impacted American diets. From the subsidization of certain crops to anti-science propaganda campaigns about diet, to the consolidation of the agricultural industry, the politicization of the economy still shapes not only their wallet but their plates.” Check out the website […]

Tell Me How This Ends with Chris Bray

David Gornoski sits down with Chris Bray and the two talk about Gavin Newsom’s preoccupation with gay rights in Florida, the chaotic state of California, the lack of journalism amongst conservatives, the online reaction to the missing Titanic submarine, the rise of nationwide corruption, whether excellence will reemerge in America, making language mean nothing, and […]

THINGS HIDDEN 130: Mastering Our Disincarnate Era With Clinton Ignatov

Clinton Ignatov joins David Gornoski for a conversation on the impact of the printing press on the Western psyche, the emergence of individualism, how radical information technology devastates, whether people are possessed, whether current wars are a product of technological revolution, the enshrining of atomic physics, breaking out of the disincarnate world of bits, and […]

THINGS HIDDEN 129: Kyle Clement on Demonic Possession, Spiritual Warfare

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski sits down with Kyle Clement who has been involved in the facilitation and training of exorcists for the Roman Catholic Church for over fifteen years. David and Mr. Clement discuss the nature of spiritual warfare, why Jesus sent the “Legion” of Demons into pigs, the Jesuit order, America […]

THINGS HIDDEN 128: Scapegoating and Violence (Iron Disciples Interview)

David Gornoski recently appeared on the Iron Disciples podcast. Show description: “Points on recognizing Christian scapegoating and other furtive habits of the church were discussed. David has a fundamental approach that brings the abstract Jesus into a more vital incarnation- all this without dismissing the abstract but honing the focus to appropriate action and progress […]

THINGS HIDDEN 127: Ambassadors of the Future

David Gornoski, Shannon Braswell, Shane Kennedy, and Surit Dasgupta get together for an exciting conversation on incarnational thinking and its radical pro-human results. How did Jesus break the cyclical thinking of the ancient world? Where does the idea of progress come from? Should Christians believe in the past or the future? Listen to the full […]

THINGS HIDDEN 126: The Cornerstone Effect of Trump’s Indictment

David Gornoski and Surit Dasgupta talk about Trump as the scapegoat of the political class, innovating amidst the chaos, another aspect of repentance, the voice inside Elliot Page’s head, what makes a miracle, and more.