NT Wright on Caesar and Christ, the Pandemic, and Social Justice


Esteemed New Testament scholar and Anglican bishop NT Wright joins David Gornoski to discuss the pandemic and Christ’s role in shaping governance and justice. The iconic theologian puts the pandemic into perspective from what Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans, especially chapter 8 of that letter. Doctor Wright points to how the early church revolutionized the way we think about our fellow human beings by caring for the poor and downtrodden and how those actions must be emulated in our current age as well. But what about some of the questions that split the churches right down the middle? Questions like: Should we employ coercion in our attempt to care for the poor and educate people? Can we implement the Sermon on the Mount in the world of politics?

“When God wants to transform this world, he doesn’t send in the tanks, he sends in the meek, the pure in heart, the hungry-for-justice people, the mourners, and the peacemakers, and by the time the bullies and the bad guys have woken up from what’s going on, the mourners, the hungry-for-justice people, and the meek have built hospitals and schools, looking after the poor, and are inculcating people’s imagination the idea that there is a different way to be human and it involves caring for one another.”

On the rise of groups like Black Lives Matter, Wright says: “If the church has left out a big gap in its agenda, namely fostering a multi-cultural, multi-lingual community of brothers and sisters in Christ, don’t be surprised if other people with other agendas try to fill the gap of what we should’ve been doing all along.”

What does Wright have to say on Criminal Justice Reform and the Church’s role in shaping our justice system? Listen to the full podcast to find out.

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Scott Horton on the NY Times Story on Afghanistan Russian Bounties

Scott Horton of antiwar.com returns to the show to comment on the NY Times story of alleged Russian bounties in Afghanistan. Who are these anonymous intelligence sources which the media cite? Horton asks. Is there any servicemen deaths attributed to these bounties? Horton also points to the fact that the American government has been paying billions to the shadow government of the Taliban as protection money. What could be the reason for the concoction of this story by the establishment? How can the mainstream media be trusted when it ignores the American government’s backing of Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen? Horton reminds us with examples of Iraq, Syria, and Libya that lying and drumming for war is nothing new for the media and political institutions.

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Curtis Ellis on Wall Street, China’s Impact on Middle Class

Is economic freedom intrinsically opposed to love for the common good? The point of Jesus’ entire life story, David Gornoski argues, is that He refuses to employ top-down control as a shortcut to heaven. Joining the show, in this episode, is Curtis Ellis of America First Policies. The former Trump campaign advisor highlights how shutting the economy down destroys all aspect of every-day life and how the civil unrest has stemmed from this disastrous decision. Should foreign companies be treated as they are American? Ellis points to the one-sided trade deals with China as destructive for American job markets and asks for further tariffs. Listen to the full episode for all of this and more.

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Angela Stanton King on Breakfast Club, Her Congressional Run, Rufus Rochell on Criminal Justice Reform

Angela Stanton-King, the Founder and President of American King Foundation, joins David Gornoski to discuss her interview on the Breakfast Club. “It’s hypocritical to want others to value our lives when we don’t even value our own offspring,” Angela says as she points to how the Democratic party’s abortion agenda destroys black families. The Republican candidate also discusses her congressional run as well as her advocacy for criminal justice reform. Also joining the show is Rufus Rochell who highlights the urgency for criminal justice reform through his own experience of being unjustly imprisoned for 32 years. Listen to the full episode for all of this, plus a surprising conversation on why black lives matter because God made them.

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David Gornoski on the Religiosity of the ‘Woke’ Movement

“Because we have Christian storytelling in our roots, we have to posture as dying, persecuted victims in our attempts to take power away from someone.” David Gornoski explains how the social justice movement has hijacked the Christian aesthetic of defending victims from violent mobs; he urges us to reject the mirroring of the mob and get back to real justice concerned with the selfless defense of real victims. Listen to the full episode for an an epic exposition of mob dynamics, the religiosity of politics, Jesus’ personhood revolution, and more.

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Zak Slayback on his Conversion to Christian Faith, Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory, Civil Unrest

Zak Slayback, author of ‘How to Get Ahead’ and principal at 1517 Fund, sits down with David Gornoski to discuss Rene’s Girard Mimetic Theory and how it explains the current socio-political turmoil in America. What happens when our society allows Jesus to infect our culture yet is reluctant to renounce violence as a means to sustain itself? Can modern identitarian movements redeem themselves without a head like Jesus? What does imitating Christ look like in a technology-driven world? Listen to the full podcast as David and Zak try to answer these questions whilst discussing how Zak found faith and how he channels it into his vocation of being a venture capitalist.

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James Dale Davidson of The Sovereign Individual Returns, David Gornoski on the Irrationality of Political Solutions

How did we go from being the nation of great manufacturers to the land of Walmarts? Investing legend and author of The Sovereign Individual, James Dale Davidson, returns to the show to answer this question and discuss how socialist governments hinder innovative entrepreneurship. Also, David Gornoski comments on the racial-tension narrative that is being pushed upon us. “The Democrat party is married to the vast majority of the media,” David says as he highlights how there is a concerted effort to distract us from the real victims of statist power in our country. Listen to the full episode to find out how we can create the necessary conditions for prosperity through innovation and liberty.

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Marriese Jones on Restoring Fatherhood During Social Division

Something that’s considered to be taboo by the media today is the destruction of families. Marriese Jones joins David Gornoski to discuss fatherhood and how restoring families can heal our nation. Jones also talks about his ministry work in prisons and how community building from the ground up, and not top-down coercion, is the path towards reconciliation. Is Black Lives Matter really for race reconciliation? Marriese Jones describes how he was disturbed at what he found on the movement’s website and explains why it cannot be an option for God-fearing black people. How can the church help in strengthening the men of our society? How can we heal our society from the ground up with self-sacrifice? Listen to the full episode to find out.

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Dr. Weiping Yu on Dark-Matter ‘Holy Grail’, Neutrinos, Plus Jeff Deist on MMT

On Science and U, Dr. Weiping Yu discusses the news of an Italian lab’s dark-matter experiment and the discovery of a new particle. Why are the laws of physics unable to explain this phenomenon? Dr. Yu questions whilst arguing that this new particle may not be ‘new’ in the strictest sense. The physicist also comments on the discovery of a new class of neutrinos from the sun.

Also, Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist calls in to talk about the spike in COVID-19 cases and Modern Monetary Theory. Jeff Deist highlights the hypocrisy of mainstream media for their politicized coverage of the pandemic and how the shutdowns have affected big cities. Is there such a thing as conservatism in DC? What is the reality behind Modern Monetary Theory? Listen to the full episode to find out.

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Eric Garris on the Antiwar Movement, Chad Marks Returns Home

Americans don’t realize how much of our political system is tied to war profiteering, says Eric Garris, and whenever our government doesn’t like anything that another country does, we starve their people by imposing sanctions. The founder of Antiwar.com also comments on the latest indictments on Julian Assange. Should Assange be punished for revealing the truth about our political system? Why is Trump so keen to wash his hands off Wikileaks’ founder?

Also in this episode, Lisa Jacobi from CAN-DO Clemency calls in with Chad Marks who just walked out of prison after a 17-year sentence for a non-violent crime. Listen to the full episode for exciting and thoughtful conversations on justice, reform, and freedom, both at home and abroad.

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