Classic Interviews: Hawk Newsome on Christianity, Black Lives Matter and Victimless Crime Laws

Back in 2018, A Neighbor’s Choice founder and writer David Gornoski sat down with Hawk Newsome, President of Black Lives Matter Greater New York. In light of recent events, we need  to get down and solve some real problems; David and Hawk’s conversation is indicative of just that. Watch the full interview above.

Hawk Newsome is an internationally renown leader on the forefront of the New Civil Rights Movement. A lawyer, devout Christian, and family man, Hawk Newsome is manifesting the future into the present by imitating Christ in his work to end police brutality, racism, and mass incarceration of nonviolent persons, no matter their race or creed.

In this interview, we discuss a movement forward to set captives free by uniting around the principle that if there is no victim named in the police report, there should be no crime law for said behavior. If a person is doing a nonviolent act, there should not be a law that initiates violence against them. This principle provides a path forward across ideology, race, party, creed. Jesus said do not resist evil with violence. We must just say no to voting for politicians that use violence against nonviolent persons. And just say no in the jury booth by voting not guilty for persons convicted for nonviolent behavior.

Tho Bishop on Public Unions’ Perpetuation of Bad Policing

Bad cops need to be held liable but public unions often stand in the way, claims Tho Bishop as he explains how the tragic George Floyd incident is the consequence of bad bureaucracy, unreformed policing, and the people of Minneapolis voting in all these things that have now come back to haunt them. Public unions protect bad people, Tho argues, and they need to be done away with. Plus, the editor comments on the smearing of capitalism by leftist establishments, the tearing up of families by the state, and the latest news of President Trump’s withdrawal from the WHO. Listen to the full episode for all this and more on A Neighbor’s Choice!

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George Floyd and the Futility of Victimless Crime Laws

In light of the recent murder of George Floyd, many are demanding accountability; but it’s hard to get accountability when the government holds monopoly power and violent mobs riot on the streets of our nation. “We need to dissolve monopoly power,” says host David Gornoski. “We need to look at ourselves and ask: ‘Why am I allowing victimless crime laws to exist?'” We need to live up to our Christian heritage and the belief that the victim has rights, David urges. The answer lies not in voting for your favorite candidate but in the ability to love your neighbor as yourself. Listen to the full episode for an unpacking of the religiosity of politics, the non-violent gospel solutions to our problems, and more.

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Jim Rogers on Pandemic Politics, Asia, and Lessons from World Travel

Renowned investor, author, and world traveler Jim Rogers joins David Gornoski to discuss pandemic politics, lockdowns, the future of Asia, America’s debt crisis, and lessons from world travel.

Is the 21st century heading towards Asian dominance? “I don’t like saying this. I’m an American but look out the window. Asia seems to have handled this [pandemic] much less badly; they’re not going nuts by printing huge amounts of money, and they’re not spending money like we are in the US.”

On the necessity of tariffs as protection for the domestic market: “I would love it if America started making shirts as cheap and high quality as China does but are we going to buy American TVs again?” Jim Rogers asks as he puts the onus on the consumer. “If we can do it, by all means!”

“The best education that you can get is through travel. You can read about country X or you can go there and see the truth. You’ll find out that, normally, the truth is different from what the TV or propaganda tells you.”

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Jeff Deist on Pandemic War Propaganda, Dr. Yu on Ultrasound Therapy and Nuclear Fusion

Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist highlights the eerie similarity between war propaganda and the COVID-19 media coverage. Is there a ‘smoking gun’ that justifies the economic shutdown? Deist also comments on the news surrounding Trump’s executive move against Twitter.
Dr. Weiping Yu returns with Science and U to discuss the latest method of using ultrasound against cancer cells in our bodies. The physicist also reacts to Commonwealth Fusion’s plan for a fusion reactor demonstration by 2025 and challenges us to rethink our basic assumptions about nuclear fusion.

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Breaking the Feedback Loop with the Good Samaritan

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Host David Gornoski recalls his visit to the zoo and likens the statist media establishment to a caged llama walking in a fixed daily pattern. David urges us to break out of the feedback loop of circular violence and imitate the good Samaritan from Jesus’ parable. Who is our neighbor today? Should we care for what’s trending or for what’s right? It’s time to break out of the political faction-warfare and imitate the One who transcends all political ideologies. Listen to the full episode for all this and more.

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Dr. Robert Epstein Exposes Google Election Interference and Manipulation

Former Editor in Chief of Psychology Today, Dr. Robert Epstein, Harvard PhD, joins us to talk about his stunning work on Google and social media manipulation and election interference. Even the simplest search results, Dr. Epstein claims, can dramatically shift the election in favor of one candidate. “Seventy percent of the YouTube videos people watch are just handed to them by Google.” Also brought up in the interview are YouTube’s censoring tactics and the tech company’s history of silencing dissident voices. Listen to the full episode for an unpacking of social media’s darkest secrets and more.

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On Revolutions, George Floyd, and the SpaceX Launch

What is revolution? “When you make revolution-based laws you’ll only get chaos,” says host David Gornoski as he expounds on the circular violent nature of revolutions. “Revolution is the same old, same old. It’s nothing new. What we need today is self-sacrifice.” On the news surrounding the death of George Floyd: “We don’t need dehumanizing laws, we need repentance.”
Also, technologist Dr. Max Fomitchev-Zamilov and physicist Dr. Weiping Yu join the show to reflect on the recently postponed SpaceX crewed launch, the mission to go to Mars, and the surprisingly little innovation in the sphere of rocket propulsion.

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Ken Berry MD on New USDA Guidelines and NY Times’ ‘End of Meat’


Dr. Ken Berry returns to the show to comment on a New York Times’ opinion piece that propagates the ‘End of Meat.’ Dr. Berry debunks bad advises given out by so-called experts and argues that consumption of meat has frequently proven to be effective in building strong immunity and fighting disease. “Like what Hippocrates said and hypocrites fail to follow,” David remarks, “let food be thy medicine.” The author of ‘Lies My Doctor Told Me’ also discusses the wearing of masks and the necessity of sunlight exposure. Listen to the full episode for a demolition of establishment quackery, a call to “separate cure from state,” and more.

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Joe Gruters: Getting Back to Work

Host David Gornoski brings to light how our arbitrary usage of coercive state power and the ‘quarantining’ of projected guilt fails in binding our society together. David also comments on the media’s obsession with policing speech, the government misinformation on nutrition, and the general distraction of politics from the actual solving of problems. Plus, state senator Joe Gruters calls in to discuss the media backlash against the state of Florida for taking a lighter approach to the pandemic and how the Sunshine State is finally getting back to work.

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