A Conversation with Bob Greenyer on Cold Fusion, LENR

David Gornoski, the host of A Neighbor’s Choice, sits down with Bob Greenyer, engineer and researcher in the field of LENR (low-energy nuclear reactions). The two discuss the work of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, the start of the Martin Fleischmann memorial project, the various experiments in the field of cold fusion and their fascinating results, the theory of dipolar magnetic particles, and more. Listen to the full podcast to hear about the revolutionary breakthroughs in the world of fusion energy despite the artificial dark age imposed on us by regulatory powers.

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The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project website is quantumheat.org

David Gornoski on the Hypocrisy of Jennifer Aniston, Old Gods Reborn as Political Correctness

Jennifer Aniston recently remarked that it’s “irresponsible” to vote for Kanye while proclaiming her vote for Biden based on women’s rights. “How many women’s bodies were destroyed by Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria?” David Gornoski asks the actress who claims to be pro-choice. “These people,” David says, referring to the McWoke crowd, “have a disturbing, sterile, mutated, freaky version of compassion.” The same people who say they are for pro-choice are the same people who think sending more women off to war is somehow ‘woke.’ Listen to the full episode for David Gornoski’s brilliant analysis of how the violent pagan gods of old have been born anew in today’s society.

David Gornoski Reviews the Trump/Biden Debate, Trail Thoughts: How to Overcome Fear

While concluding that Trump won the debate against Biden, David highlights the absence of foreign policy disasters, among the debate topics, such as the innocent people killed in Yemen, the drone strikes that killed US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki and his son, and others killed due to US interventionism abroad. Does this reveal something sinister about the media status quo? Join David Gornoski as he reveals how political theater is a distraction to keep us from noticing the cracks in a system filled with the scapegoating of the non-violent.
Also in this episode, Alec Klein and Eric Kampmann join in for another segment of Trail Thoughts. Alec and Eric talk about fear and how we can overcome it. What is fear? In what way can the Scriptures help us in conquering fear?

Jeff Deist: Trump-Biden Debate Preview, Chris Pratt Attacked by ‘Mean Girls’

Jeff Deist, president of the Mises Institute, returns to the show for a preview of the Trump, Biden debate. On the aborted 60 minutes Trump interview, Deist says: “Talk to us directly… We don’t need the sham intermediary of CNN or any of these people. That, for me, is what the digital age is all about.” Is Trump the “lesser of two evils?” Deist makes the case that, in terms of centralization, there is almost no difference between Trump and Biden. Join David and Jeff as they reflect on all of this, plus the online mob-attack on Chris Pratt, and more.

Dr. Weiping Yu on OSIRIS-REX’s Asteroid Samples, Light Sails Unlocking Interstellar Travel

Dr. Weiping Yu returns for another exciting segment of Science and U. The physicist comments on the news that NASA’s OSIRIS-REX spacecraft has touched the surface of an asteroid on Tuesday to gather a sample of rocks and dirt. What can we expect from the rubble that OSIRIS-REX is bringing home? What’s the difference, from a physics standpoint, between an asteroid and a comet? Plus, Dr. Yu also analysis the claim that a new “light sail” concept for spaceflight will unlock interstellar travel. Listen to the full episode for all this and more.

Trump and Biden Final Battle, Sir Owen on the Lake Tana Issue

The media’s distraction with the Borat movie is pathetic! David says. He highlights how these “Pravda wannabes” are doing everything they can to hide the disgusting Hunter Biden revelations. Every day we’re getting more and more evidence that the whole system is filled with “riggedulations.” “Humpty Dumpty will not be put back again because the new media revolution is here, and you and I are part of it.” Join David Gornoski as he takes on the hive-mind news media, plus Sir Owen returns to the show to talk about the “cesspool in DC” that enriches themselves with taxpayers’ money. Will there be a change of mind on the Democrat side from the Hunter Biden news? What is the situation behind the American involvement in the Lake Tana issue between Ethiopia and Egypt?

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Keith Weiner on Prices and Regulations, Alice Marie Johnson: “Not Afraid of Cancel Culture”

Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals joins David Gornoski for another in-depth segment on the economy. What does it mean when we hear of prices going up in the market? Does market regulations have something to do with the rise and fall of prices? Is there any such thing as a good regulation?

Also in the show, Alice Marie Johnson, criminal justice reform advocate and former federal prisoner, calls in to recount her experience of being locked up for twenty one years in prison for a non-violent drug offense and on what led to her to being pardoned by President Trump. “I am not afraid of cancel culture,” Johnson says, “They tried to cancel me for twenty one years.” Join David Gornoski and co-host Chelsea Murphy for a groundbreaking episode on justice and defense of personhood.

Media Hides Biden as Family Sins Surface

David Gornoski starts the show with some reflection on the media’s collusion with the Biden campaign. David also comments on Biden’s call for a nationwide mask mandate, Big Tech censorship and the right’s lame reactions to it, the New York Times’ role in the Ukrainian Holodomor, Obama’s hypocrisy, the censoring of Shelby Steele’s film What Killed Michael Brown?, the online attack on Chris Pratt, and more. Join David Gornoski for another epic deconstruction of the Big Tech-Leftist alliance and what needs to be done to unravel this modern-day myth-making and persecution by the media.

Craig Cesal on Fake Media Justice vs Real Justice

David Gornoski starts the hour by reacting to Kanye West’s latest election ad. He is then joined by Craig Cesal who was imprisoned for a nonviolent marijuana offense. Craig takes us through his experience from being imprisoned for a first-time offense–repairing trucks used to transport marijuana–to home confinement. What led to the use of marijuana becoming illegal in the United States? Craig points to history and highlights the astonishingly racist intention behind making marijuana illegal. How has President Trump impacted criminal justice reform as compared to Obama? Craig credits Trump for implementing the First Step Act that has greatly benefited non-violent prisoners. Why is there a correlation between being soft on violent crime and being tough on nonviolent crime? Listen to the full episode for David and Craig’s deconstruction of the media narrative that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are somehow liberators of victims.

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What’s Left for the Left?

“The American left should work toward abolishing the Constitution someday—either for a new document or a new democratic order without a written constitution.” This was written in a column for the New Republic. David analyzes this statement and points to the lack of any real vision on the Republican side as well as the alarming views held by many on the left. “What is left for the left?” David asks. The left has nothing to offer. At this point, they are all for victim-garbed totalitarian control and censorship. How do we move past the left’s victimist authoritarian ways and get down to solving real issues and defend real victims? The key, David says, lies in the imitation of Christ.