Our Choices Make a Difference

What do we make of the falling lumber prices? Would banning pornography be effective in lifting up an isolated generation? Should pro-abortion Catholics like Nancy Pelosi be allowed to take communion? Join David Gornoski as he takes on these questions while also highlighting how our choices in the face of storms make all the difference.

War Rhetoric Heats Up, Artificial Sameness

David Gornoski starts the show with an analysis of the heated rhetoric between Russia and the West. Are Jesus’ nonviolent teachings impractical in times of war? Why is Biden asking Americans to “respect the Fed?” Did US policymakers misjudge the coming inflation? Why is there a desire from the establishment to have pregnant women fighting […]

The Science: Dr. Jordan Vaughn, Where Do We Go From Here?

In this sixth episode of The Science, David Gornoski sits down with Dr. Jordan Vaughn, an internist in Birmingham, Alabama and one of the founders of Concerned Doctors. The two discuss the effects of the COVID vaccines on our bodies’ immunity, the importance of early treatment, the hopelessness of our current medical system, instilling respect […]

THINGS HIDDEN 59: Zak Slayback on Mimetic Forces in Research and Culture

David Gornoski sits down with returning guest Zak Slayback, investor at the 1517 Fund, for a conversation that revolves around the corruption of institutions and the monopolization of innovation. How do we keep from getting marginalized when pursuing scientific and technological discoveries? Would people like Galileo and Thomas Aquinas be allowed to thrive in today’s […]

Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Texas Shooting & the 2nd Amendment

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] Jeff Deist is joined by Judge Andrew Napolitano and the two discuss the Texas school shooting and its possible implications on the 2nd Amendment. Do we want psychological profiles of Americans on a federal database? Should the 2nd Amendment be modified? Listen to the […]

What Happened at the WEF Davos Event?

The Mises Institute‘s Jeff Deist starts the show by examining both sides of the gun control debate while also breaking down the WEF meeting at Davos, Switzerland. Also in the show, economist Dr. Jonathan Newman calls in to discuss Klaus Schwab’s recent remarks; the WEF’s idea of not owning anything; stakeholder responsibility; what the future […]

Rep. Anthony Sabatini: The False Compassion of the Left

Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini joins the show to comment on the reaction to the crisis in Texas. Is the Left caring in their demands for gun control laws? Where do the gender deconstructing ideas come from? Listen to the full show to find out and more.

Science and U: Dwarf Galaxies and Dark Matter

Has the door to fusion energy finally been unlocked? Do the collision of dwarf galaxies explain dark matter? Is there a new explanation for the strange fluctuations in Earth’s magnetic field? Join physicist Dr. Weiping Yu, the chief science advisor of the show, as he answers the questions brought up by the latest science stories […]

The Connection Between Empire and Mass Shootings, Tho Bishop Joins

David Gornoski starts the show why looking at the various reactions from around the country to the school shooting in Texas. Is there a correlation between America’s violent foreign policy and the mass shootings at home? Do we need to eliminate our liberties to ensure safety in America? David is joined by the Mises Institute’s […]

Violence, Identity & Freedom

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] Have we become desensitized to mass shootings? What is causing this uptick of chaotic violence? Join David Gornoski and James Kourtides as they tackle the important questions that nobody’s talking about. To what extent has artificial intelligence captured our daily lives? What greater truth […]