How Juries Function as a Scapegoat Mechanism

My recent essay‘s size constraints didn’t permit me to elaborate on this but I do have a nuanced view of the jury system theory. I see it as a Christian revelation-influenced move away from private vendetta parties and mob violence. I recognize the English law system’s principles of habeas corpus, presumption of innocence, etc as […]

Trump: The Scapegoat Supreme

Because he refuses to hide the knife of the state, Trump is a heretic invader in the Holy of holies of our state religion. That also makes him the scapegoat supreme of our reigning religion of state power which feigns decorum and transcendence to mask the vulgarity and power lust inherent in every state action. […]

Imitate Jesus to “Save Western Civilization?”

We don’t need to imitate Christ as some neat project to “save Western Civilization.” Western Civilization, as it has been conceived, is dead. It is in the process of nailing itself to its own self-righteous cross for its moral failings and decadence. We need to imitate Christ because it is the only way to be […]

Standing Between a Mob and its Victim

Whenever you stand in between an outraged mob looking to demonize and destroy a singular target with righteous zeal, you will always be accused of being in league with their devil. Your space outside of the oneness they experience together in rage gives them eyes to see you as a potential enemy as well. What […]