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A Neighbor’s Choice is a media platform that tells the stories of victims of state violence and provides healthy alternatives to a violence-based society. A Neighbor’s Choice offers regular essays analyzing law, culture, and current events from the perspective of Jesus’s culture of nonviolence. A Neighbor’s Choice also publishes a weekly online radio show featuring fascinating thinkers on ethics and violence as well as victims of state violence.

True Justice

Jesus says do not repay evil with violence. That includes victimless crimes like drug use, prostitution, selling raw milk, regulatory violations, broken taillights, and suspended licenses. As a Christian considering a law, if you cannot ethically carry out the action on your own or with a group of neighbors, it is morally wrong to join millions of voters to do so.


Christians must lead the way out of our cultural decay caused by mass incarceration and economic regulation. Bad laws destroy and separate families, ruin the economy, and create violent black markets. Laws against nonviolent acts create chaos. Understand Jesus’s Turn the Other Cheek principle for what it truly is: a social ordering ethic that proactively defeats evil with love of God and Neighbor.