Libby Emmons on NPR Celebration of Looting, Michael Gibson on Luminar Going Public

Libby Emmons, senior editor at the Post Millenial, calls in to talk about the leftist defense of looting, which is even seen by one author as ‘reparations.’ Are there powerful entities behind the organizing of the rioters? Listen to the full episode for Libby and David’s analysis, and more. Also in the show, Michael Gibson, co-founder of the 1517 Fund, joins David Gornoski to talk about one of 1517’s companies, Luminar Technologies, going public. Gibson takes us through how Luminar started out and its mission to engage in innovation outside the restrictions of ivy league campuses. What are some of the radical innovations that Luminar is aiming at? How can science and technology bring peace and prosperity in a society rife with anger?

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