The Personhood Revolution of Jesus

“What kind of resistance sides with the media and establishment elites?” David Gornoski asks as he exposes Antifa’s “McResistance.” David zeroes in on the media and points out how they stoked the flames of the riots by constantly pushing narratives bound in scapegoating Trump voters. Should the state involve itself in the development of coronavirus vaccines? “I believe in the separation of state and cure,” David says. Listen to the full episode for an epic takedown of state-enforced violent monopolies and a clarion call to heed Jesus’ teaching of loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Libby Emmons on NPR Celebration of Looting, Michael Gibson on Luminar Going Public

Libby Emmons, senior editor at the Post Millenial, calls in to talk about the leftist defense of looting, which is even seen by one author as ‘reparations.’ Are there powerful entities behind the organizing of the rioters? Listen to the full episode for Libby and David’s analysis, and more. Also in the show, Michael Gibson, co-founder of the 1517 Fund, joins David Gornoski to talk about one of 1517’s companies, Luminar Technologies, going public. Gibson takes us through how Luminar started out and its mission to engage in innovation outside the restrictions of ivy league campuses. What are some of the radical innovations that Luminar is aiming at? How can science and technology bring peace and prosperity in a society rife with anger?

Our Country’s Search for Justice

David Gornoski comments on the latest news surrounding the shooting at Portland. Is it any coincidence that the shooter identified himself as “hundred percent Antifa?” In light of the Rand Paul incident, what valid argument can Marxism provide when it almost always resort to persecution and violence? The host of A Neighbor’s Choice also comments on the fading away of the old media journalism, authoritarianism under the guise of pandemic measures, medical hindrance in the form of patenting, the protecting of big corporations through regulatory powers, and more.

Anna Paulina Luna on Her Race for US Congress

David Gornoski starts off the show with the latest news surrounding the RNC, particularly the news of a hysterical mob circling an exiting Rand Paul and his wife. The frightening question, David says, is what lays in store for us when Trump is no longer around for the possessed leftist crowd to scapegoat? Listen to the entire episode as David explains how we can disarm persecuting crowds and unite our neighbors as Christ did in His earthly life; plus, Anna Paulina Luna joins in to talk about her Republican run for congress, America’s foreign policy, the leftist persecution of Rand Paul, criminal justice reform, and more.

Kanye Wants Jesus Tok, China Ships Weapons to US

What do we make of Kanye West’s call for a Christian version of Tik Tok? Why do we approach the defeated powers of this world to know the truth about things such as family values? David Gornoski offers his insights on these questions. Plus, investigative journalist Kimberly Dvorak calls in to discuss the big news on the CBP seizing more than 10,000 Chinese Assault Weapons. Is there a connection between China and leftist politicians in DC? Is there revolutionary malintent aimed against President Trump? What can we expect from Kamala Harris as vice president? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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Dr. Yu on Hidden Magnetic Universe, Jeff Deist on Coercive Culture - A Neighbor's Choice

Dr. Yu on Hidden Magnetic Universe, Jeff Deist on Coercive Culture - A Neighbor's ChoiceCall in at 727-587-1040.

Posted by David Gornoski on Thursday, July 2, 2020

Dr. Yu on Hidden Magnetic Universe, Jeff Deist on Coercive Culture

Dr. Weiping Yu returns for another segment of Science and U to reflect on the continuing discovery that magnetic fields permeate much of the cosmos. Dr. Yu makes the astonishing claims that even consciousness is coexisting with the universe’s magnetism in the same nature. The physicist also comments on the story that molten salt solutions may supply scientists with new insights into nuclear energy.

Also returning to the show is Mises’ Institute’s Jeff Deist who points to how lockdowns, riots, economic depression, and media gaslighting are causing Americans across the country to have nervous breakdowns. On the defeatist mentality that people are expressing right now, Deist says: “Fatalism goes hand-in-hand with coercion.” How can we avoid getting into the bad reciprocity of politicizing everything and making everyday life impossible to cherish? How can we be optimistic in this culture of coercion? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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Curtis Ellis on Wall Street, China’s Impact on Middle Class

Is economic freedom intrinsically opposed to love for the common good? The point of Jesus’ entire life story, David Gornoski argues, is that He refuses to employ top-down control as a shortcut to heaven. Joining the show, in this episode, is Curtis Ellis of America First Policies. The former Trump campaign advisor highlights how shutting the economy down destroys all aspect of every-day life and how the civil unrest has stemmed from this disastrous decision. Should foreign companies be treated as they are American? Ellis points to the one-sided trade deals with China as destructive for American job markets and asks for further tariffs. Listen to the full episode for all of this and more.

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Zak Slayback on his Conversion to Christian Faith, Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory, Civil Unrest

Zak Slayback, author of ‘How to Get Ahead’ and principal at 1517 Fund, sits down with David Gornoski to discuss Rene’s Girard Mimetic Theory and how it explains the current socio-political turmoil in America. What happens when our society allows Jesus to infect our culture yet is reluctant to renounce violence as a means to sustain itself? Can modern identitarian movements redeem themselves without a head like Jesus? What does imitating Christ look like in a technology-driven world? Listen to the full podcast as David and Zak try to answer these questions whilst discussing how Zak found faith and how he channels it into his vocation of being a venture capitalist.

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Rich Communists Hijack Justice

“Right now, we have rich communists and socialists–hand-in-hand with big corporations–hijacking people’s justice.” Host Gornoski compares socialism to the stiff crust of cheap pizza which nobody wants but big corporates. If the left are so concerned about green energy and environment why is it that nuclear fusion is never discussed among them? Do these folks even care about the real people languishing in prison for non-violent crimes? Reject this fake, McWoke joke that calls itself ‘social justice’! David urges us while showing how voluntary imitation of the Prince of peace is the real way towards justice. Listen to the full episode for all this and more.

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Criminal Justice Panel Plus Lara Logan on Antifa

“If marijuana is a gateway drug, so are alcohol and cigarettes,” says Amy Povah. The founder of CAN-DO Clemency returns on this episode with Rufus Rochell to talk about the recent compassionate releases and the others in waiting. One of many imprisoned for non-violent offenses is John Bolen who received 9 life sentences for a drug-related crime. John’s wife June calls in to discuss her husband’s situation and the possibility of his freedom.

Plus, Lara Logan joins David Gornoski for an in-depth discussion on how Antifa operates under the protection of the media. The award-winning journalist exposes the origins of the Marxist organization and likens it to the radical left’s version of Hitler’s brownshirts. Listen to the full episode for an intriguing conversations on criminal justice, elite-funded revolutions, and more.

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