THINGS HIDDEN 19: Big City Blues

David Gornoski and Shannon Braswell are back with another discussion. This time, the two have an exciting conversation on mimesis in an increasingly technological world. How has the end of witch-hunting accelerated scientific innovation? What are the modern-day scapegoating institutions that have brought innovation to a standstill? Is the profit model desirable in the field of science and technology?

Christians need not conform to the secular dialectic of science vs the church, Shannon says. What sort of course should Christians embark on when it comes to scientific innovation? Should we continue on the mainstream trajectory of innovation like the state-enforced patenting system and big tech information monopoly, or should we aim towards something much more different?

The conversation also moves to a study of technological development in pagan cultures like Japan, anthropology of the Catholic church, setting up labs in the basements of churches, and more.

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