Making an Incarnational Future Amidst Chaos

What do we make of the many schisms that are happening in the political world right now? Will power-hungry authoritarians be able to hold onto the myths that continue to divide us? Why are there no new inventions in the world of atoms? How do we escape the gnostic bind that is holding us back? […]

Science and U: Converting CO2 to Diamonds, Plastic Conductivity Discovery

Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu returns with Science and U. Dr. Yu talks about the discovery of a new way to make plastic act like metal. Is there a better conductor of electricity than metal? Can we transform carbon dioxide in the air into things like diamonds? What can we expect from NASA’s upcoming moon project? […]

Science and U: Controlling Fruit Flies With Magnetism

 [Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] Can scientists control other creatures through magnetism? A recent experiment claims we can. Did astronomers just discover a new type of black hole? Can galaxies evolve? How is consciousness related to magnetism? Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu answers these questions in a brand new […]

THINGS HIDDEN 59: Zak Slayback on Mimetic Forces in Research and Culture

David Gornoski sits down with returning guest Zak Slayback, investor at the 1517 Fund, for a conversation that revolves around the corruption of institutions and the monopolization of innovation. How do we keep from getting marginalized when pursuing scientific and technological discoveries? Would people like Galileo and Thomas Aquinas be allowed to thrive in today’s […]

The Way of Truth, Nonviolence & Skin in the Game

Should we retreat from the world or should we work to usher in God’s kingdom on Earth? What does the Gospel text mean when it says Jesus saved the best for last? Join David Gornoski as he brings to light the things we should be discussing instead of playing into the culture war. Should we […]

THINGS HIDDEN 52: Building a New World Order with Shannon Braswell

In this episode of THINGS HIDDEN, David Gornoski sits down with Shannon Braswell for a fascinating conversation on a number of topics such as the loss of traditional religion and the emergence of secularism in the West; the “mowgli effect” of the atomic bomb; the end of the mythic age; the Ukraine-Russia war; whether Buddhism […]

How Seed Oils Cause Chronic Diseases with Chris Knobbe MD

To what extent has seed oil consumption caused damage to American society? David Gornoski is joined by Chris Knobbe, ophthalmologist and founder of Cure AMD Foundation, and the two discuss the disastrous consequence of mass seed oil consumption and what we can do to fix the damage. Is olive good a healthy alternative? What is […]

Following the Science with Dr. Paul Alexander

David Gornoski sits down with former HHS and WHO scientist Dr. Paul Alexander. The two, in this fascinating conversation, ask questions that are related to the unraveling of the scientific and medical fields during the pandemic. Do mask mandates and lockdowns work? Who is responsible for the neglect of early treatment of COVID? Is there […]

Science and U: Earth’s Closest Black Hole Isn’t a Black Hole

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for the second hour.] A new discovery says the closest black hole to Earth isn’t a black hole at all! Join Dr. Weiping Yu for an exciting segment of Science and U where the physicist dismantles science myths and more. How do spiders fly and what can […]

Science and U: What Is Light?

What do we make of Energy Vault’s plan to deploy gravity-based energy storage in China? Is it possible for physicists to manipulate magnetism with light? Can humans sense strangers during sleep? Join Dr. Weiping Yu as he comments on the latest science news in this refreshing segment of Science and U.