THINGS HIDDEN 103: Death to the World with Buck Johnson

David Gornoski sits down with Buck Johnson, the host of the Counterflow podcast, for a conversation on the origin of the Counterflow podcast, his conversion to Orthodoxy, spiritual discipline in firefighting, facing the spirit of the crowd, cultural changes in the new generation, from “death to tyrants” to “death to the world,” persecution, martyrdom, and […]

THINGS HIDDEN 102: Mimetic Analysis of a Demonic Possession

David Gornoski is joined by Jordan Landfear and Surit Dasgupta for a discussion of Fr. Malachi Martin’s popular book Hostage to the Devil. Are the exorcism stories true? What does the first case in Fr. Martin’s book signify for our time? Can those who get demonically possessed resist evil? Listen to the full podcast to […]

THINGS HIDDEN 101: The Mimetic Legacy with Jean-Michel Oughourlian, Gil Bailie

David Gornoski is joined by Jean-Michel Oughourlian and Gil Bailie. The two talk about the latest and upcoming books; vertical and horizontal spirituality; how we can receive grace; the battle over secretness in the Catholic church; mimesis in the liturgy; the road to peace in Ukraine; the normalization of carnival and self-creation; how evil exists; […]

THINGS HIDDEN 100: The Reality of Demonic Possession with Dr. Richard Gallagher

David Gornoski is joined by psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gallagher, author of Demonic Foes, for a fascinating conversation on demonic possession. Are supernatural subjects like possession beyond the critical scope of science? Why do spiritual entities attempt to possess individuals? What are some ways demons have reportedly attacked human beings? Is there a way to discern […]

THINGS HIDDEN 99: Christ and the Jan 6 Capitol Riot

David Gornoski, Shane Kennedy & Shannon Braswell talk about the January 6 footage released by Tucker Carlson. Why is there a television producer on the January 6 committee? Who is to blame for the protest that took place on that day? In what sense is the Capitol “sacred?” What should have been Trump’s reaction to […]

THINGS HIDDEN 98: Mimetic Desire and the Sign of Jonah with Anthony Bartlett

David Gornoski sits down with Anthony Bartlett, author of the book Theology Beyond Metaphysics, for a conversation on approaching semiotics through the work of Rene Girard, how to approach violent passages in the Old Testament, why the Gospel will heal violence in the animal kingdom, why Jesus’ self-sacrifice was so scandalous to the ancient world, […]

Larry Johnson on Bakhmut Narrative Flip, China Cold War

David Gornoski sits down with retired CIA analyst Larry Johnson for a discussion on the battle in Bakhmut and DC’s saber rattling with China. Does Ukraine stand a chance as many mainstream media outlets are claiming? Can the US afford to go to war with China? How has the military-industrial complex been detrimental to progress […]

THINGS HIDDEN 97: The Christ and Dilbert with Shannon Braswell and Shane Kennedy

David Gornoski sits down with Shannon Braswell and Shane Kennedy for a conversation on Scott Adams’ reaction to a poll on race relations in America. How can we combat a media apparatus that is motivated by the urge to divide and conquer? What is the source of the disintegration of race relations in America? To […]

THINGS HIDDEN 96: The Astounding Science of Near Death Experiences with John Hagan MD

David Gornoski sits down with Dr. John Hagan for a fascinating conversation on near-death experiences. Is there evidence that these visions are actually near-death experiences and not something else? Are there any experiences that are identical to heaven or hell? In light of these observations, do we need to redefine what constitutes “sight?” What are […]

THINGS HIDDEN 95: Christmas Special with Jerry Bowyer, Jason Jones & Rev. Jim Fitzgerald

David Gornoski, Jerry Bowyer, Jason Jones, and Pastor Jim Fitzgerald explore the Nativity of Christ through the lens of Rene Girard in this THINGS HIDDEN Christmas special. What significance does Bethlehem portray in the Nativity story that we often miss? How does the Christmas story pose a threat to the rulers of the world? How […]