THINGS HIDDEN 168: How the Truth Sets People Free

David Gornoski and Surit Dasgupta return to discuss the anthropological meaning of Jesus’ proclamation that the truth will set us free. Why are we witnessing this current upheaval in the political sphere? Why do we celebrate whistleblowers and conspiracy theorists and demand transparency from our governments? Have we learned the right lessons from the George […]

THINGS HIDDEN 167: Do Not Cling to Jesus, Eat Him

In this THINGS HIDDEN conversation, David Gornoski and Surit Dasgupta get together to discuss what Jesus meant when He said, “Do not cling onto Me.” What does it mean to consume Jesus in the anthropological sense? Does Jesus want us to retreat from the world and seek solace in isolation? How can we emulate the […]

THINGS HIDDEN 166: Swimming in the Sea of Sameness

David Gornoski is joined by Bright News editor Shannon Braswell for a conversation on encountering antichrists, lack of future vision in modern churches, undifferentiation in culture, why people are turning to traditional churches, how the Gospel debunks the notion of a violent God, why violence should be higher on the list of concerns for Christians, […]

THINGS HIDDEN 165: Rachel Wilson Unveils Occultic Feminism

David Gornoski sits down with Rachel Wilson, author of Occult Feminism: The Secret History of Women’s Liberation, for a conversation on the public education system; the suffragettes and their elitist backers; the rise of Margaret Sanger; how feminism became popular; the religion of the future; the erasure of gender; and more. Buy Rachel’s book here. […]

THINGS HIDDEN 164: The Meaning of Anti-Colonialism and Abortion

In this THINGS HIDDEN conversation, David Gornoski and Surit Dasgupta talk about the Left’s anti-colonial movement, the debate surrounding abortion, how Christianity protects children, the Right’s inconsistent approach towards affirming life, why the view of a vengeful Jesus is absurd, and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 163: Zealous for Andromeda’s Apple Pie

In this fascinating new THINGS HIDDEN conversation, David Gornoski and Surit Dasgupta explore the anthropology of sibling conflicts; how zealots and globalists are alike; what constitutes true patriotism; how forgiveness was born in ancient Israel; how heaven transforms our love of home; and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 162: The Haunting of Christ in the Holy Land with Darryl Cooper

David Gornoski sits down with Darryl Cooper of the MartyrMade podcast. The two talk about the conflict in the Middle East; whether the possibility of peace exists between Israel and Palestine; Trump’s appeal; the notion of the victim king; and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 161: History Devoured

David Gornoski and Surit Dasgupta get together to discuss why looking at the hidden victims of history is important, what the destruction of the temple in 70 AD signifies anthropologically, coveting our neighbor’s being, contrasting the Lord’s Supper with cannibalism of primitive societies, the prevailing schizophrenic view of Jesus, how Jesus frees us from death […]

THINGS HIDDEN 160: Israel vs Gaza Through New Eyes

David Gornoski, Shane Kennedy, and Shannon Braswell get together to discuss the current situation in the Middle East, the USA’s role in the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Jesus response to the war, the violence-condoning passages in the Old Testament, the formation of Israel, and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 159: Recent Murders and the Holy Spirit

David Gornoski and Surit Dasgupta comment on the reaction to the murder of Brooklyn activist Ryan Thoresen Carson, the difficulty of forgiveness, the satanic trap of crowds, how the Left vs. Right dialectic feeds mimetic conflict, how Jesus defeats the dialectic, the Holy Spirit as defense attorney, and more.