Science and U: China’s Moon Discovery, Are there Aliens in UFOs?

Skip past 1 hour in the video for this segment. Dr. Weiping Yu returns with a new segment of Science and U. The physicist comments on China’s discovery of a new mineral on the moon, generating electricity from moisture, whether there are biological beings inside UFOs, and more.

Science and U: Exploring a New Historic LENR Invention with Dr. Frank Gordon, Harper Whitehouse

In this special Science and U episode, David Gornoski and physicist Dr. Weiping Yu are joined by Dr. Frank Gordon and Harper Whitehouse for a conversation on the two’s fascinating new LENR technology and more. Dr. Gordon and Whitehouse start the conversation by explaining the Lattice Energy Converter and why it is an energy source […]

Science and U: New Cold Fusion Product Examined

[Skip past 50 minutes in the video for hour 2.] Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu calls in to comment on how we can create technology that produces energy too cheap to meter. How can we make cellphones that barely charge? What’s causing these mysterious jets of upside-down lightning that scientists have recently observed? Have we misunderstood […]

Science and U: Mind and Light

Does our DNA hold the key to transforming technology? Can quantum materials mimic brain function? What really constitutes light? Can light be a potential glue? Dr. Weiping Yu offers his insights on these questions in this exciting segment of Science and U.

Science and U: Carl Page, Dr. Yu on the Coming Cold Fusion Revolution

In this special Science and U episode, David Gornoski is joined by physicist Dr. Weiping Yu and Carl Page, President and Cofounder of Anthropocene Institute, for a conversation on the coming Cold Fusion revolution. Has the recent energy crisis shown an increase in interest for LENR? Has there been reproducible demonstrations of LENR? What is […]

Potential Blowback From Funding Ukraine

Who will DC scapegoat when the blowback from funding Azov comes home? Join David Gornoski as he uses the analogy of the Titanic where the middle class has no place in society. Does the MAGA movement provide any solutions for the spending of trillions and growing deficit? Why are we still dependent on foreign countries […]

Fighting Mask Mandates on Planes, Dr. Robert Murphy on Oil Troubles

 The Mises Institute‘s Jeff Deist is joined by Josh Yoder from US Freedom Flyers who calls in to talk about the impact on the airlines industry and its employees due to the mask mandates on planes. How can Americans take back their liberties from these unscientific mandates? Dr. Robert Murphy calls in to talk […]

Science and U: Earth’s Closest Black Hole Isn’t a Black Hole

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for the second hour.] A new discovery says the closest black hole to Earth isn’t a black hole at all! Join Dr. Weiping Yu for an exciting segment of Science and U where the physicist dismantles science myths and more. How do spiders fly and what can […]

Science and U: Seawater to Rice

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for the second hour.] Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu returns with a brand new segment of Science and U. Dr. Yu comments on the news of space junk crashing into the moon, the existence of black holes, China’s plan to feed millions of people with seawater rice, and […]

Science and U: What Is Light?

What do we make of Energy Vault’s plan to deploy gravity-based energy storage in China? Is it possible for physicists to manipulate magnetism with light? Can humans sense strangers during sleep? Join Dr. Weiping Yu as he comments on the latest science news in this refreshing segment of Science and U.