Science and U: Exploring a New Historic LENR Invention with Dr. Frank Gordon, Harper Whitehouse

In this special Science and U episode, David Gornoski and physicist Dr. Weiping Yu are joined by Dr. Frank Gordon and Harper Whitehouse for a conversation on the two’s fascinating new LENR technology and more. Dr. Gordon and Whitehouse start the conversation by explaining the Lattice Energy Converter and why it is an energy source and not a battery. Is our understanding of electrical conduction fundamentally flawed? Do free electrons exist? Where does energy come from? How significant is metallurgy in the LENR or, as Harper Whitehouse calls it, the “Lattice Enabling” process?

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  1. Alan Smith
    Alan Smith says:

    I have also been working with Frank and Harper, performing my own experiments on LEC materials at an independent research laboratory in the UK. I can confirm that this technology is both real and -for a lab experiment – amazingly reliable and simple tp replicate.


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