THINGS HIDDEN 20: Founding the Galilean Global Village

Jerry Bowyer, editor of Townhall Finance and Affluent Investor, joins David Gornoski and Shannon Braswell to discuss his new book ‘The Maker Versus the Takers’ and other topics such as the effects of socialist-centered liberation theology and mainstream evangelical theology. Jerry Bowyer argues that both of these theologies were premature in their conclusions due to the lack of archaeological findings that we have today. Once we consider the recent archaeological findings, Jerry says, we can know more clearly about the socio-economic environment of Jesus’ day as well as what Jesus taught about wealth.

What is the Christian approach of reconciliation towards those calling for a revolution? How do we apply the principle of Jubilee in today’s society? How can we build a “global movement of Galileans” that would solve problems in non-violent, entrepreneurial ways? Listen to the full podcast to find out and more.

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