James Martinez on How Cold Fusion Defeats Globalism, Tho Bishop on Weaponized Democracy

David Gornoski is joined by James Martinez for a conversation on the stagnation of progress in the energy sector and why the majority of people don’t even know what cold fusion is. What is cold fusion and why is it the most likely solution to the energy crisis? Listen to the full show to find out. Plus, Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute joins the show to comment on the news surrounding Biden and some classified documents. Is the deep state targeting Biden? What can the Brazil protests teach us about democracy?

Listen to James Martinez’s podcast here.

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  1. Alan Smith
    Alan Smith says:

    European Cold Fusion projects (and almost all of them elsewhere are not hush-hush at all, but are openly reported on the web, conference proceedings and hundreds of other cold fusion research papers can be found at LENR-canr.org and there are many video interviews and presentations in YT and at LENR-forum.com.


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