Blame Games Sap the Power From America

Is America’s electrical infrastructure on the downslide as the Texas power outage seems to be indicating? What is the reason behind these increasing power outages across the country? “When all you’re focused on is the lunchroom drama, nobody knows how to keep the lights on the lunchroom itself.” Is capitalism to blame for unjust outcomes? Listen to the full episode to find out as David Gornoski explains how we can bypass political blame games and focus on innovation, development, and justice.

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  1. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    I just wanted to say i grew up in the tampabay aera and in largo now but iv switched from 970 wfla to your show in the afternoons. I hear you..just because thers not 1000s of call ins to the show dosnt mean nobody’s listening. You know that im shure..i came up with the no skin in the game concept awhile back when i was outspoken a few years ago on Fox Nation site/ did i get some people into a frenzy..i can tell you how i think my mother i was taking care of at the time in between work and what some insider did involving her ssi checks for a few months..they. which is meny tentacles. Just like how Scientology or Jehovah’s Witness can shun someone and there family and friends if you speak out against them
    .Google is the new Cesar. They basically have control of everything to the street lights to your drivers license to our military to people’s medical medicine in a hospital to make people get the wrong dose. They control everything. I hold them mainly responsible for what happened with the big steal. I have proof as far as what was done to me to shut me up. Its disgusting.. anyway..ill keep it shirt next time and stick to the topic. Thank you for doing what your doing. I have plenty of material to talk about..btw..never knew about the seed oils being a factor thanks for the heads up


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