Sheriff Grady Judd on the Nature of Evil, Gun Control, and Law

In this exciting interview, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd sits down with David Gornoski. The two discuss a variety of topics, including the murder of Florida City Commissioner Edie Yates; the root cause of homicides; the psychology of evil; the future of law-enforcement under a Biden administration; defending the 2nd Amendment; the sheriff’s role in safeguarding elections from voter fraud; and more.

Meeting Goliath with the Truth

“We have to be mindful of the content we consume.” Join David Gornoski as he dissects and highlights how the new media–imitative of the old TV media–never seem to make you into a better person. How does the media obfuscate our moral responsibility? How does the media manipulate us into thinking that words are violence and actual violence is passé? “Barack Obama had the house and the senate,” David says, “but he didn’t do a thing for criminal justice reform.” How do we get people out of the hive mind of Big Tech-engineered hate and division? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Captives Set Free! Rufus Rochell Reunites with Brother Rick Williams

David Gornoski starts the episode with a reflection on the news of the Mayfair mall shooting in Wisconsin. “The problem with many today is that they see institutions or ideologies as more sacred than human life.” David is joined by Rufus Rochell, a friend of the show, and the two break the story that Rufus’ brother Richard Williams has received clemency from President Trump. Richard tells us about how he was indicted unjustly on drug conspiracy charges and how, after a long struggle, he was able to finally come home.

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Erin Haney: Reform in Probation and Parole

In this episode, David Gornoski and co-host Chelsea Murphy are joined by Erin Haney, lawyer and Policy Director at Reform Alliance. Erin talks about a variety of topics related to criminal justice reform, particularly the stumbling blocks for prisoners under community supervision. “Unfortunately, it really is such a broken system and what ends up happening is that people live in such terror, that they’re going to be sent to prison literally for being late to a meeting.” Erin suggests that reforms be made in probation and parole, such as the inclusion of remote reporting.

Building a New World

In this episode, David Gornoski gives us an anthropological breakdown of the mythology behind the “Great Reset.” “The ancient world believed that the best was at the beginning of time–the golden age,” David says as he brings attention to the archaic practice of religious sacrifice meant to effect resets in societies. But in today’s post-Christian world, the personhood project of Jesus Christ has made it impossible for societies to unanimously bind around sacrifices. How has Christ changed the trajectory of history? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Angela Stanton-King: Setting the Captives Free

In this classic interview from October 21, 2019, David Gornoski is joined by criminal justice advocate Angela Stanton-King. The two discuss the successes that came from President Trump’s First Step Act; the Christian case for setting the captives free; the need to provide redemption to first-time non-violent offenders; the folly of creating violence through prohibition and black markets; and more. Also in this episode, David comments extensively on the Russiagate scandal, the green energy scam, and the scapegoating of Tulsi Gabbard.

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The Future of Criminal Justice

With Joe Biden alleged to be the successor to President Trump, what lies in store when it comes to criminal justice reformation. Join David Gornoski? Chelsea Murphy, and conservative justice reform advocate David Safavian as they discuss how conservatives can fight for justice reform under a Biden presidency. How can we help former offenders integrate into society with clean slates? Also in the show, CAN-DO Clemency’s Amy Povah calls in to highlight the story of Charles Scott, who is currently serving a 51 years prison sentence. Joining Amy to expand on Charles’ situation is Dorian Bandy, Charles’ girlfriend, and Saraya Scott, Charles’ sister, who are appealing for his clemency.

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The Disastrous Effects of Biden’s Crime Policies

Rufus Rochell, unjustly incarcerated for forty years and currently in home confinement, returns to the show to talk about his appeal for clemency being repeatedly rejected by Obama. Rufus also tells us of the horrors that befell many individuals in the aftermath of Biden’s crime bill. How has President Trump impacted criminal justice with the first step act? Rufus answers this question by recounting how his brother was freed thanks to this welcome act.

Tho Bishop on Election Fallout

What do the trends in the ballot counting suggest? Will the election end up in the courts? Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute joins the show to analyze the controversy surrounding the election. What will be Donald Trump’s next move? What lies in store for the pro-liberty, non-interventionist movement in case of a Biden win? Given Biden’s track record on waging wars and locking up non-violent offenders, things do not look promising.

Tho Bishop: Should We Trust the Polls?

Mises Institute’s Tho Bishop joins David Gornoski for a special election eve episode of A Neighbor’s Choice. David Gornoski starts the show by recounting his experience of attending a Trump rally and then tells us what he learned there, particularly from Ben Carson’s speech. Can we objectively trust the polls? Tho Bishop explains to us how polls are designed while pointing out the many factors they overlook. What are these factors? Are we seeing the last days of corporate media in the case of Trump winning? Which voter group will be the key to a Biden win? How will the lockdowns impact the results? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.