Maj Toure on Liberty and Responsibility

In this classic interview, David Gornoski is joined by Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter. The two discuss government overreach, taxation, leftist hijacking of emotions for statism, gun-control, Kanye West’s musical direction, and more. How do we reform our culture without violence and coercion? Listen to the full episode to find out how love for neighbor and freedom can go hand-in-hand in creating a prosperous and creative society.

What is A Neighbor’s Choice?

Can we have a pro-family society without liberty? What is liberty and who gives it to us? Join David Gornoski as he explains how love for freedom can coexist with love for our fellow neighbors? Also, David explains how the Left’s dynamics are eerily similar to that of a cult while highlighting their thirst for war, sanctions, and authoritarian control. How do we reduce our dependence on the state and start innovating? How do we start a renaissance of loving our neighbors as ourselves?

Saving America

David Gornoski starts off the show by commenting on the news that President Trump has agreed to debate Biden on Joe Rogan’s show. Will Biden dare to, literally, go off script, away from TV media, and debate Trump on the Joe Rogan Experience? David also addresses the Keynesian and anti-capitalist indoctrination that is happening in our educational institutes. Should we wait for mankind to turn good before we demand liberty? Listen to the entire episode for all of this and more.

What Lies Ahead, Tho Bishop Economics for Beginners

Why does the media narrative always necessitate a scapegoat? David Gornoski comments on the news surrounding Biden, Oprah, and others. He also critiques the notion that guilt can be inherent in a person’s skin tone, namely “white privilege,” and the idea that violence, theft, and coercion, while being immoral to the individual, is permissible for the state.

Joining David is Mises Institute’s Tho Bishop to talk about the core fundamentals of economics, debt forgiveness, bankruptcy laws, the Marxist critiques of capitalism, and much more. How can freedom win against the weaponization of ignorance? How do we break free from the false dichotomy set up by the Corporate Communists in power? Listen to the full episode to find out.

Keeping America Fed

“It’s a myth that self-interest exists only in the private sector and not in the public sector.” David Gornoski sets the record straight on what a free market really is while deconstructing the media lies against the sacredness of the person. The best is yet to come, David says, but it won’t be done on autopilot. “If we don’t step up to become role models for our neighbors, we perpetuate the spiraling of blame games in our society.” Listen to the full episode for a stellar defense of voluntary trade, free interaction, and more.

Rep. Anthony Sabatini on New Cases for Lockdown Freedom

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Anthony Sabatini, Florida State Representative, joins David Gornoski to discuss the new wave of coercive government measures during the pandemic crisis. Rep. Sabatini gives us a breakdown of specific cases where the rights of individuals have been violated by mask mandates and other lockdown laws. Involving the government, Sabatini says, is making the problem worse than it already is. “Are we going to trust in violence or are we going to trust in freedom?” Listen to the full episode as David Gornoski helps us make the ultimate choice for our neighbor.

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Joe Biden’s “Battle Against the Spread of Hatred”

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Joe Biden says he is in a battle against hatred! “How can Joe Biden make such a claim while taking endorsements from wicked mass-murdering ideologies such as Communism?” David asks. The host of A Neighbor’s Choice points out the sheer hypocrisy of Biden standing up for minorities at home while bombing people of color abroad in places like Libya. “How many people has Biden ‘spread hatred’ to when he created laws for throwing non-violent people into cages?” Listen to the full episode as David Gornoski comments on the latest news and more.

W. James Antle III on Trump’s Uphill Battle

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In this episode, Jim Antle, politics editor at the Washington Examiner, calls in to discuss Trump’s second presidential term prospects. Antle observes that Trump would need an even greater polling meltdown than 2016 if he were to stand a chance at winning the election; the reason why he is in this position is because of the George Floyd protests and the COVID-19 pandemic. What approach can Trump take in his campaign against the Democratic Party and their media allies? How can people be persuaded away from the dishonest narrative being pushed by the media? Listen to the full episode for the answers and more.

Dr. Yu on Fool’s Gold Transformation and Dog’s Magnetic Sense, Jeff Deist on Gold Rally, Our Economic Future

On today’s segment of Science and U, Dr. Weiping Yu returns to comment on the breakthrough new study by scientists and engineers at the University of Minnesota that have electrically transformed non-magnetic “fool’s gold” into magnetic material. The physicist also comments on the recent experiment which captured an X-shaped magnetic field in the NGC 4217 galaxy and another study that explains how dogs find their way using the Earth’s magnetic field.

Also joining David is Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist to reflect on the passing of Herman Cain, the issuing of more stimulus checks, the rise in gold prices, and the possibility of energy innovation in providing a breakthrough for society.

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Remembering Herman Cain, Weldon Angelos Secures Loon’s Release

In this episode, David Gornoski pays tribute to ex-presidential candidate Herman Cain. Picking up from where Cain left off, David says that “we should have a 0-0-0 plan–no income tax, no corporate tax, and no sales tax.” How do we get out of the McWoke lie of corporate Communism? The answer lies in recognizing Jesus’ transformation of history by defending the person from the mob. Also, joining David Gornoski is Weldon Angelos to discuss the release of rapper Loon who was serving 55 years in federal prison for a drug-related crime. Angelos highlights the unjust conspiracy laws that imprison non-violent offenders for decades while letting off kingpins with lesser sentences.

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