Trail Thoughts: The Slow Suicide of New York City

Eric Kampmann, founder of Republic Books, and noted journalist Alec Klein return to the show for another segment of Trail Thoughts. The two talk about their experiences of living in New York, a city that has been turned into a virtual ghost town thanks to the pandemic. “Cities are fragile things,” Eric says as he reflects on how the once vibrant city of New York has fallen. Can New York recover from the shutdown? What can we learn from the changes that are taking place in some of our country’s major urban centers?

Read Alec Klein and Eric Kampmann’s article on The Slow Suicide of New York City.

Jeff Deist on the Biden-Trump Debate, Dick Costolo Demands Execution

Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist joins David Gornoski to discuss some important upcoming events. Deist addresses the absence of the trillion-dollar deficit and other topics not addressed in the debate. Is there a mass clamoring for the COVID economic shutdowns? What does Dick Costolo’s tweet on executing business leaders reveal about the mindset of Big Tech barons? Who are the Spanish scholastics and how have they influenced the Austrian school of economics? Listen to the full episode to find out.

Amy Povah, Rufus Rochell on the Pandemic Prison Crisis

CAN-DO Clemency’s Amy Povah and Rufus Rochell join David Gornoski to give us an update on COVID cases in federal prisons. Amy says that we are facing a crisis in prisons right now where many non-violent inmates are exposed to the COVID virus. What are the updates with regards to the compassionate release petitions? Rufus highlights the alarming situation of John Bolen who is currently serving a life sentence despite being a non-violent, first-time offender. Also, David Gornoski reflects on Ron Paul’s health and the fight for true liberty in a sea of pretenders and corrupt politicians.

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Trump Booed at Ruth Bader Ginsburg Casket Visit, Riots Resume

David Gornoski and retired entrepreneur Brad Smith start the show by commenting on some of the latest news stories such as the tasing of a woman for not wearing a mask at a football game, the Breonna Taylor case, Trump’s presence at Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s funeral, and more. “What’s called ‘systemic racism’ is actually systemic failure,” Brad Smith says as he highlights the abuse of power that is typical of both the Republican and Democratic parties. Is America undergoing a color revolution right now? Listen to the full episode to find out.

Dr Yu on Venus Signs of Life, Dark Matter, Jeff Deist on Nashville Officials Withholding COVID Numbers

Science and U is back! Dr. Weiping Yu starts by commenting on the Hubble telescope revealing new aspects of dark matter. What exactly is dark matter? Dr. Yu has a radical and startling explanation. What is ‘space’ and ‘matter?’ Is there a possibility of life on Venus? Listen to the entire episode to find out.

Also, Jeff Deist of Mises Institute returns to discuss the latest news of Nashville officials withholding COVID numbers from bars and restaurants. What lessons can future generations learn from the stupidity of governments shutting down economies on bogus information? Are mainstream journalists sacrosanct in our culture?

Why Blame Boomers? Plus, Amy Povah and Dickie Lynn Talk Prison

It’s become fashionable to blame baby boomers for much of society’s ills today. Did boomers create endless debt and corruption in politics? Who abolished the Bretton Woods system? Are boomers responsible for a system based on creating money out of thin air? Should we scapegoat generations or do we look at the core of the problem, which is a rigged economic system? Plus, joining David Gornoski is CAN-DO Clemency’s Amy Povah and former federal prison inmate Dickie Lynn who describes how he received compassionate release under the first step act.

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Artist Topher Talks Terry Crews, Justice, and Pro-Life

TikTok artist and musician Topher calls in to talk about being inspired by Terry Crews, being pro-life, as well as his opinions on Obama and Trump’s foreign policy and Kanye West’s pro-life stance. Is there a strong pro-life movement among the youth on TikTok? When we hear about the stories of Curtis Flowers and Eric Garner, what can be done to bring justice to those who have suffered for non-violent, victimless crimes? Also, join David Gornoski as he comments further on the ongoing Russiagate hoax, the economic decadence due to deep capture regulations, the DNC, Clinton’s connection to Epstein, and more.

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What We Need to Learn from Rene Girard

David Gornoski is back with another episode of A Neighbor’s Choice; and this time he takes us through what he considers is the key to defeating the radical, victim-garbed politics of our time. Christ’s crucifixion has made it impossible for humanity to sacrifice the other for political gain, David says as he points to the work of French anthropologist Rene Girard. History repeats itself when we refuse to learn from the past. “The children repeat the crimes of their fathers precisely because they believe they are morally superior to them.” Listen to the full episode for David’s explanation of how we can deconstruct the smooth rhetoric of the left, reveal the broken bones in their closet, and rescue the hidden victims of our society.

Unveiling the State Religion

David Gornoski comments on the news of FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleading guilty in the ongoing Russiagate scandal. Is it possible that the establishment cannot stand President Trump because he dares to question the narrative on DC’s favorite bogeymen, i.e. Russia and North Korea? Nuclear powers at each other’s throats, racial tension, and pandemic crackdowns, is this the establishment’s “new normal?” “We have to be vigilant against this dying, old establishment media that wants to preserve its religious authority,” warns David as he urges us to bind ourselves together, not around violence against non-violent people, but around the sacredness of the human person. Listen to the entire episode to discover how the key to fighting Caesar and injustice is to imitate Jesus.

Doing Medical Science Like Jesus

David Gornoski starts the episode with a clarion call for preserving the sacredness of the individual from the collective. “Move beyond the zero-sum nightmarish vision of politics,” David says as he comments on the pandemic measures that have turned cities like New York into ghost towns. What would a Christian approach to the pandemic look like? David argues that a Christian response would lack blame-games and completely focus on courage and innovation, unhindered from coercive, regulatory power, in caring for the health of our neighbors. We’re in the middle of a paradigm shift and it’s time to reject the false presupposition that science has to be patented to become effective. Listen to the entire episode for all of this and more.