Robert W Malone MD Interview on mRNA Tech Invention, Problems with Public Health Pandemic Response

The inventor of the mRNA technology currently used worldwide for the pandemic, Dr. Robert W. Malone joins David Gornoski for an intriguing conversation on the public health institutions’ reaction to the pandemic; Dr. Malone’s long experience in dealing with outbreaks; the products that have been rolled out to deal with the virus and whether these can be effective against newer strains; why the Pfizer product is failing in Israel; whether Biden and Fauci are correct in pointing out how certain people are the cause of rising cases; and more.

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  1. Marisabel Ball
    Marisabel Ball says:

    It’s all so confusing! If he invented the MRN vaccines why he is againts them? are they useless? I understand his position about Fauci, WHO & CDC they had blocked the use of medicines that many doctirs in latin America and Europe has used with great results (ibuprofen, ivermectin, azytromicin)

  2. Nelda Rose
    Nelda Rose says:

    Hello Ms. Ball,
    Dr. Malone is not against Vacination. He is simply stating that the method of application of this particular vacine for COVID-19, ie, entire population is not ideal according to basic Virology studies in my opinion. Please look up his many other interviews. I found them very interesting.


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