Keith Weiner on Government Stimulus, Amy Povah and Maurenne Griese on Prisoners in the Pandemic

Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals calls in to comment on stimulus checks in pandemic time and whether they do good for the economy. Is government involvement, even in an emergency, beneficial or harmful? Weiner argues that every government intervention is initiated as a reaction to an “emergency.” Listen to the full episode for more from Keith Weiner, plus David Gornoski’s comments on Drudge Report’s bizarre and aggressive anti-Trump narrative.
Also in the show, Amy Povah of CAN-DO Clemency calls in to discuss the latest updates in clemency appeals for non-violent offenders languishing in federal prisons around the nation. Amy is joined by Maurenne Griese of CAN-DO’s Guardian Angel program who explains the Scarlet Letter criminal record cases and what they mean. Maurenne also highlights the situation of women inmates exposed to the pandemic and the urgent need for compassionate releases and home confinement.

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