State of the Media Assessment

“The right doesn’t have a robust answer to the lies behind the utopian revolutionary moment that we’re entering.” Joining David Gornoski for this episode is Michael Rectenwald, author of Beyond Woke, to discuss this phase of near-totalitarianism rising in our country. How can the media collude with a character like Joe Biden and portray him to the public as a Mr. Rogers? Is Critical Race Theory a tool for producing warmongers? Also in the show, professor Wilfred Reilly, author of Taboo, calls in for a state of the media assessment; here he analyzes the Big Tech censoring of the Hunter Biden story and the change in language that favors the radical left’s worldview.

Haile Selassie, Marxism, and Monarchy: A Conversation with Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie

David Gornoski, the host of A Neighbor’s Choice, is joined by the grandson of Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassie, Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie. Prince Ermias takes us through a brief history of Haile Selassie’s reign, the founding of the League of Nations, as well as his own experience growing up during the Marxist revolution in Ethiopia. Is there a similarity between the current social unrest in America and the Marxist revolution in Ethiopia? How does economic development under monarchy compare to modern-day democracy? What must Ethiopia do to move past toxic tribalism and unite? Listen to the full podcast for a riveting conversation on Ethiopian history, the rise and fall of Marxism, America’s foreign policy with regards to Ethiopia, and more.

The Future of Gold and Money

In this roundtable discussion, David Gornoski is joined by Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist, Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals, and James Dale Davidson, author of the Sovereign Individual. Together, they discuss the history and future of gold as an investment asset for the average Joe, general misconceptions of investing in gold, the Fiat money system, the economic effects of foreign policy, and more.

Are stagnant wages connected to Nixon’s abandonment of the gold standard? Did the solidifying of the US–Saudi relationship with regards to oil contribute to declining wages and savings? Which is worth more in an apocalyptic world: gold or gun ammo? Listen to the full podcast to find out and more.

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The Separation of Money and State

David Gornoski starts the hour by commenting on the news reports that say China might sell off all US bonds. Should we be alarmed at our government’s insistence to stimulate and regulate the economy? We should separate money and state, David says. The host of A Neighbor’s Choice also takes us through the origins of modern progressivism and neo-conservatism. What are the roots of the prevalent corporate communist ideology in America? How were the worldviews of elite politicians like Hillary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Kamala-Harris shaped? How can we deal radically with environmental crisis and energy stagnation without the need for coercion? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Artist Topher Talks Terry Crews, Justice, and Pro-Life

TikTok artist and musician Topher calls in to talk about being inspired by Terry Crews, being pro-life, as well as his opinions on Obama and Trump’s foreign policy and Kanye West’s pro-life stance. Is there a strong pro-life movement among the youth on TikTok? When we hear about the stories of Curtis Flowers and Eric Garner, what can be done to bring justice to those who have suffered for non-violent, victimless crimes? Also, join David Gornoski as he comments further on the ongoing Russiagate hoax, the economic decadence due to deep capture regulations, the DNC, Clinton’s connection to Epstein, and more.

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Kanye Wants Jesus Tok, China Ships Weapons to US

What do we make of Kanye West’s call for a Christian version of Tik Tok? Why do we approach the defeated powers of this world to know the truth about things such as family values? David Gornoski offers his insights on these questions. Plus, investigative journalist Kimberly Dvorak calls in to discuss the big news on the CBP seizing more than 10,000 Chinese Assault Weapons. Is there a connection between China and leftist politicians in DC? Is there revolutionary malintent aimed against President Trump? What can we expect from Kamala Harris as vice president? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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THINGS HIDDEN 17: The Glorious Yeast Infection of Christianity

In this podcast of Things Hidden, David Gornoski sits down with Curtis Yarvin (also known as Mencius Moldbug), developer of Gray Mirror. Together, the two explore the founding of the United States, globalism, colonialism, America’s foreign policy, the rise of China, and more.

Curtis describes Gray Mirror as a portal to the next regime. Why do we need such a portal? David asks. Curtis answers this question by explaining the regressing trajectory from the founding of the United States onwards. Is globalist thinking born out of Christianity? What would the pioneers of the globalist experiment think when they see the crumbling of their project in today’s world?

Jesus, just before his crucifixion, said that “the stones themselves would cry out.” David Gornoski explains that this statement is a reference to the hidden victims of ritual sacrifice throughout history and what Jesus’ revelation would initiate in the form of our culture’s growing concerns for victims. The conversation then moves to the internal revolutions and conflicts that have become a recurrent feature in our society. Is this what Jesus meant when He said that He came to bring a sword?

What can we say about Christianity’s impact on humanity when we see the modern-day cultures of countries like Japan and China? Should our solution to the modern culture crisis retain a fraction of paganism?

THINGS HIDDEN 16: Giants of the Law

Shannon Braswell and David Gornoski are back with another exciting conversation on envy, greek philosophy, the Old Testament narratives, and the West’s cross-haunted culture.

Why are successful, creative people derided in society? Shannon and David explore this question by looking at the trajectory of the Old Testament stories from scapegoating to self-reflection; they are then led to the ancient Greek philosophers, the Jewish interaction with ancient pagans, and whether we can look to the Old Testament the same way as we look at the New Testament.

How important are the Mosaic laws when it comes to the development of western civilization? How has our cross-haunted thinking affected our foreign policy and our justice system? Listen to the full podcast for a bold discussion on how to reject the timidness of coercive institutions and get our courage and creativity back as a culture.

Ron Paul on Policing, Justice, and Stagnation in America

Dr. Ron Paul, former presidential candidate and champion of liberty, joins David Gornoski to talk about some of the pressing issues our country is facing right now.

On the calls to defund the police, Dr. Paul cautions against involving the federal government while pointing out that the problem of arbitrary violence exists because of government involvement. Dr. Paul urges us to shift our focus on the violent institutions whose very existence perpetuates the problems we’re seeing today.

What is the future of politics on educational campuses? Dr. Paul says the situation is ripe for self-proclaimed progressives to take the initiative in demanding change while correcting the socialist movement that crony-corporatism and government bailouts, not free-market economics, are the real problem. The purpose of government is to protect property, Dr. Paul says, but right now the government stands for bankruptcy and the opposite of liberty.

What does Dr. Paul think of Kanye West running for president? How can we move from economic enslavement to prosperity and liberty? Can we rediscover true justice in a myriad of fake justice issues thrown at us by the media? Listen to the full podcast to find out.

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Sir Owen Returns to Take on the News - A Neighbor's Choice

Sir Owen Returns to Take on the News - A Neighbor's ChoiceCall in at 727-587-1040.

Posted by David Gornoski on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Sir Owen Returns to Take on the News

Sir Owen returns in this episode of A Neighbor’s Choice to discuss the economic and psychological effects of control in the pandemic and other news. Sir Owen points out that an atmosphere of tribalism makes it difficult for us to come up with solutions to crisis like the COVID-19 virus; he observes that America has become extraordinarily tribalistic. Sir Owen also comments on the latest news surrounding Taiwan and China. What would happen if there was a nuclear explosion in our country? Sir Owen asks while cautioning us on meddling in the affairs of nuclear-powered countries like China. Listen to the full episode for Sir Owen’s take on a variety of news reports from around the nation.

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