Col. Douglas Macgregor on Latest Ukraine Russia News, China Peace Deal

David Gornoski sits down with Col. Douglas Macgregor for a discussion on the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict. David and Col. Macgregor break down the recent Russian missile strikes on Ukraine, whether Bakhmut is strategically important, whether Russia has been successful, the refusal to leave Syria alone, China’s Proposal for peace, the potential for a multipolar world, the shrinking of the US military, the folly of bombing Mexico, and more.

Check out Col. Macgregor’s website here.

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  1. JdL
    JdL says:

    Col. Macgregor’s observations on Ukraine are invaluable. But it’s disappointing to hear him support the never-winnable drug war. People are dying from fentanyl? Largely that’s because black-market doses vary widely in potency. Many died of alcohol poisoning during Prohibition too; it’s inevitable whenever a desired product is made illegal.

    Yes, I know, people “shouldn’t” want to get loaded up on fentanyl, but that problem can’t be solved by trying to cut off the supply: engaging in smuggling is always easier than catching smugglers. In any case, flipping out about fentanyl is misguided, as booze has been and remains the most popular drug to blot out pain and commit gradual or sudden suicide.

    Thanks to David Gornoski for hosting this interview.


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