What Does America’s Foreign Policy Stand For?

What does America’s foreign policy stand for? David Gornoski asks. Should America have anything to do with people like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Susan Rice–people who feign to be allies for social justice but, in reality, carry an impeccable track record of separating families, jailing fathers and mothers at home, and bombing and terrorizing people of color overseas? Join David Gornoski and Sgt. Dan McKnight of Bring Our Troops Home as they dismantle the hypocrisy and victim-garbed powerplay of the DC elites and their media and corporatist allies.

David Gornoski on the Blasts in Beirut and the 75th Anniversary of the Hiroshima Bombing

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David Gornoski is back with another exciting episode as he comments on the latest news of explosions in Beirut while looking back at the Atomic bombs exploding in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What good is gender politics in the field of engineering if engineers keep churning out new ways of ending the human species? David asks. How can we escape this path of destruction? How can our nation’s foreign policy accurately reflect our cross-haunted culture? Listen to the full episode as David Gornoski explores the news, deconstructs the media narrative, and presents to us the path of hope as revealed by Jesus’ personhood revolution.

Did You Get Your Stimulus Check?

“If you don’t have a family first society, you won’t have the environment necessary for individual liberty to flourish.” How do we create that family first society? Join David Gornoski as he explores this question while commenting on the government’s decision to pay out stimulus checks. Is creating money out of thin air a viable economic solution? David asks. Do we imitate the government to get free from the government? Is economic liberty compatible with a virtue-driven community? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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David Gornoski on Nikola Tesla, the News, and Innovation

David Gornoski gives the example of Nikola Tesla’s story and highlights that revolutionary breakthroughs come, not through top-down coercion, but always through unhindered innovation. Solutions start with the question: Do you love yourself? How can you love and help others if you don’t love yourself? Join David Gornoski as he goes through the latest news reports and explains how the solutions to our society’s problems lie in rejecting the media’s blame-game. The solution has always been in our hands, David says, and it’s up to us to act it out voluntarily in loving our neighbors. Listen to the full episode for all this and more.

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Dr. Max Zamilov on America's Coming Technological Renaissance Part 2 - A Neighbor's Choice

Dr. Max Zamilov on America's Coming Technological Renaissance Part 2 - A Neighbor's ChoiceCall in at 727-587-1040.

Posted by David Gornoski on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Dr. Max Zamilov on America’s Coming Technological Renaissance (Part 2), David Gornoski on Economic Stagnation

Dr. Max Zamilov and David Gornoski continue their discussion on the similarities and dissimilarities between Russia and America. David highlights how America inherited the common law outlook from the British through the founding fathers. But private property seems to be an illusion, says Dr. Zamilov, when we have to pay taxes to the government. Dr. Zamilov highlights how taxation is less stringent in Russia despite corruption. “As long as enough people have their moral compasses in the right place we won’t fall into utter corruption,” Dr. Zamilov remarks. How can America achieve a renaissance in technological innovation? Dr. Zamilov says that innovation simply must take place concretely in the right areas. Listen to the full episode for all of this plus an excellent monologue by David Gornoski on the hindrance imposed by the Federal Reserve system on our economy and how the abandonment of the American dream has led to this.

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Dr. Max Zamilov on America’s Coming Technological Renaissance (Part 1)

Nuclear scientist Dr. Max Zamilov joins the show to discuss why America is the land of free enterprise and what made him decide to immigrate here. Dr. Zamilov describes the situation in Russia during the nineties when corruption was rampant and how it hasn’t changed much today. What lessons can America learn from the former Soviet Union? The conversation moves towards whether unregulated markets are really the way forward seeing how the oligarchs, after the fall of the USSR, exploited Russia’s natural resources. If there are no regulations, how can we shake off our reliance on China as a manufacturing hub? The answer to this should clearly be the total scrapping of taxation on domestic businesses. How can America replicate the manufacturing boom it experienced in the sixties? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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Scott Horton on the NY Times Story on Afghanistan Russian Bounties

Scott Horton of returns to the show to comment on the NY Times story of alleged Russian bounties in Afghanistan. Who are these anonymous intelligence sources which the media cite? Horton asks. Is there any servicemen deaths attributed to these bounties? Horton also points to the fact that the American government has been paying billions to the shadow government of the Taliban as protection money. What could be the reason for the concoction of this story by the establishment? How can the mainstream media be trusted when it ignores the American government’s backing of Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen? Horton reminds us with examples of Iraq, Syria, and Libya that lying and drumming for war is nothing new for the media and political institutions.

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Danny Sjursen on Honoring Our Fallen Soldiers

“One of the ways we get rid of the malaise in our society and culture is by ending forever wars.” Danny Sjursen, writer and war veteran, joins us to explain why war has become largely invisible to the people of our nation. “Memorial day to me feels like a wretched day in a lot of sense,” says Sjursen who also feels that the holiday has been mythologized to cover up for mass sacrifice perpetuated by the war machine. Sjursen also brings to attention the ongoing escalations with Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere which he calls ‘pandemic opportunism.’ Listen to the full episode for an epic deconstruction of the sacrificial war machine, a clarion call to bring our troops home, and more on A Neighbor’s Choice.

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