Col. Douglas Macgregor Tells More Truths About Ukraine War, Will the Dollar Hegemony Survive?

David Gornoski is joined by the returning Col. Douglas Macgregor for an update on the war in Ukraine. Is Putin threatening to use nuclear weapons as the mainstream media claims? Are we dealing with the same kind of Russian leadership as the previous ones in the Soviet Union? What is the US’ ultimate goal in […]

Col. Macgregor Debunks Latest Ukraine Myths, McWoke Dogs Dine While Humans Roam Outdoors

Col. Douglas Macgregor joins David Gornoski to talk about Zelenskyy’s recent remarks on a “preemptive strike,” whether Russia is losing ground in Ukraine, how the outcome of the war is shaping out to be, what lies in the future for Germany, and more. Can we trust the media on what is going on in Ukraine? […]

Sir Owen on New World Emerging After Nord Stream

Our government is identical to so many things it criticizes, David Gornoski says as he begins his exposé on the DC’s divisive elites. Sir Owen Whitman calls in to talk about Putin’s deepening ties with Saudi Arabia, the recent developments at OPEC, the media circus around Biden, Nord Stream sabotage, the opening of a new […]

Bringing Patriotism Back to School, Elon Musk Debates War with Zelenskyy

David Gornoski begins the show by highlighting why a friendly-friendly society must be cultivated in order to escape the social unrest of our time. David is joined by Australian-born conservative author Nick Adams for a discussion on why he became American, what makes America great, bringing patriotism back to school, and more. What did Elon […]

Dissecting Putin’s Speech, Attack on Pro-Life Activist

What do we make of Putin’s recent speech against the “US hegemon?” Can America afford to be the policeman of the world anymore? Listen to the full show to find out. Plus, David Gornoski comments on Tucker Carlson’s interview with pro-life activist Mark Houck’s wife.

Paul Hatfield on New Florida Politics, Demetries Grimes on NATO, Ukraine

What can we do to protect our local community from the absolute horror show that is DC? Paul Hatfield, who is campaigning for Florida House of Representatives District 68, calls in to answer. Plus, Commander Demetries Grimes, running for US Congress, joins the show to comment on foreign policy blunders, the Ukraine aid, Iran’s nuclear […]

The Real Religion That Dominates Us

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] What is the political fallout from the SCOTUS overturning of Roe v. Wade looking like right now? How do we get out of the zero-sum mental prison of political thinking? Is Putin’s “toxic masculinity” to blame for the war in Ukraine? Is Chris Pratt […]

Evangelicals & the War Machine

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] How should we approach the debate over sending aid to Ukraine? Why do people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci hate multipurpose generic drugs? Why is there no political support for eliminating patents on medicine? Join David Gornoski as he exposes the true agenda […]

THINGS HIDDEN 57: Richard Koenigsberg on War as Sacrifice

David Gornoski sits down with Richard Koenigsberg, psychologist & historian from the Library of Social Science, for a discussion on sacrifice, violence, and war. Mr. Koenigsberg starts the discussion by describing his interactions with Rene Girard. The conversation then moves to the psychology of Hitler, the purpose of political violence, male aggressiveness, the Ukraine war, […]

What Did Pope Francis Say About the Ukraine War?

Is Pope Francis right in his recent statements about the war in Ukraine? Why is a group of NGOs threatening to boycott Elon Musk? Is there any excuse for the Democratic party for idolizing someone like Madeleine Albright? Join David Gornoski as he reports on the latest news while commenting on the disruption that Jesus’ […]