Kerry Baldwin Takes on Covid Tyranny

Kerry Baldwin, writer and founder of, joins David Gornoski to discuss the medical tyranny of using coercion during this pandemic. Are we handing over far too much to the government? Kerry points out how governments have always used crises to gain control over their people. Is it ethical to mandate wearing masks in high-density population areas such as New York? Kerry argues that the use of coercion actually deters people from taking voluntary action in caring for their neighbors. Is homeschooling a valid alternative for those under lockdowns? Can we understand the left’s symbolic obsession with Donald Trump? How do we break free from the politicization and polarization in our society? Listen to the full podcast to find out and more.

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Tough Times at the NY Times

David Gornoski examines the latest news of Bari Weiss resigning from the New York Times. How much credibility does the media have as it continues to misdirect people on behalf of the political establishment? “These are not media outlets but stinky, crusty PR firms,” David remarks as he observes the anti-science stance that mainstream media outlets have taken during this pandemic. “These corporate communists are not for justice,” David says, “they’re the jailers to real justice.” Listen to the full episode as David Gornoski comments on the numerous headlines across the country and more.

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Dr. Weiping Yu on Dark-Matter ‘Holy Grail’, Neutrinos, Plus Jeff Deist on MMT

On Science and U, Dr. Weiping Yu discusses the news of an Italian lab’s dark-matter experiment and the discovery of a new particle. Why are the laws of physics unable to explain this phenomenon? Dr. Yu questions whilst arguing that this new particle may not be ‘new’ in the strictest sense. The physicist also comments on the discovery of a new class of neutrinos from the sun.

Also, Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist calls in to talk about the spike in COVID-19 cases and Modern Monetary Theory. Jeff Deist highlights the hypocrisy of mainstream media for their politicized coverage of the pandemic and how the shutdowns have affected big cities. Is there such a thing as conservatism in DC? What is the reality behind Modern Monetary Theory? Listen to the full episode to find out.

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Dr. Norman Horn on Contagious Violence

“We’re seeing the overreaction to the pandemic spilling over to other parts of life,” says Norman Horn, founder of the Libertarian Christian Institute. Dr. Horn goes on to explain how institutional coercion spills onto the streets in the form of riots. “Just because we agree that there are structural problems does not mean that we should burn the city down.” Is capitalism to be blamed for the injustices in our system? Dr. Horn partially agrees and argues that we need to resist government collusion with private companies. He warns that usage of violence will backfire with enormous effect. Can one be both Christian and Libertarian? Can one celebrate both liberty and jubilee? Listen to the full episode to find out.

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Building Bridges and Living Within Our Means with Rufus Rochell

“To build a long-term sustainable economy, politicians would have to become anti-Santa Clause.” David Gornoski proposes a removal of institutional coercion–a total rejection of spending trillions on the military-industrial complex and the drug war–if we are to care for our children’s future. Also, Rufus Rochell calls in from home confinement to highlight the plight of non-violent drug offenders like himself who are unjustly imprisoned with long sentences. “Change does not come by talking loud, my brother,” Rufus says, “Change begins first and foremost when you’re dedicated to making changes that will empower others to do better and advance their way of life.” Rufus goes on to explain how we can imitate Christ and “kill the enemy with the kindness of God.” Listen to the full episode as David and Rufus explore how we can effect change amidst the storm of riots and injustices in our society today.

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Dr. Yu on Hadron Anomalies and Fusion Progress, Ryan McMaken Takes on the News

“Whenever you ask people about physics they feel like it’s so remote. I believe physics should be intriguing for everybody,” says Dr. Weiping Yu as he returns to the show to discuss the LHCb physicists’ measurements of B mesons particles and their search for a more complete theory beyond the standard model. Dr. Yu also comments on the latest news surrounding the gigantic ITER fusion project in France. Plus, senior editor of Mises Institute Ryan McMaken calls in to discuss the ongoing riots and protests as well as General Mattis’ comments on President Trump. Listen to the full episode for all of this and more.

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How to Defend Scapegoats with Lisa Jacobi

In this time of mob violence, as victimism prevails over truth, and almost everyone is looking to blame someone else, the question we have to ask ourselves is: how can we defend the scapegoats? “Nullify and get rid of the bad laws that put non-violent people in prisons,” urges David Gornoski, “Say no to the song of the crowd!” Because of the anthropological effect of Jesus’ crucifixion we can no longer continue to use coercion in our maintaining of society. Also, CAN-DO Clemency’s Lisa Jacobi calls in to talk about the plight of Chad Marks, a 41-year-old serving time for a non-violent drug-related offence. Can we transcend the sacrificial mass incarcerating machine? Listen to the full episode to find out.

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Wilfred Reilly on Social Unrest

Kentucky State University’s Wilfred Reilly calls in to discuss the ongoing riots, institutionalized racism, and Christ’s anthropological impact on human history. “There’s nothing noble about a mob. Crowds are not logical,” says Dr. Reilly as he points to how the rioters have destroyed mostly minority businesses. The conversation moves to the question of what motivates rioters psychologically. Here, David explains how Jesus dispersed the crowd using what he calls ‘social aikido.’ How can we use the Gospel technology to disperse angry mobs today? Listen to the full episode for a fascinating conversation on bringing Jesus’ personhood revolution to our nation and more.

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A Closer Look at our Civil Unrest with Willie Fort

In this episode, David Gornoski is joined by Hollywood talent agent Willie Fort and the two discuss the mob fury that has been going on for the past few days. To the people trying to justify the riots, Willie asks, “If black lives matter why are you looting and destroying black businesses?” Willie also highlights how the focus on the George Floyd murder has taken a backseat to collectivism and identity politics. Equality is an unrealistic undertaking, Willie Fort argues, but fairness is desirable.

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President Trump Holds a Bible at St. John’s Church

“If we’re going to imitate the Master of history then we’re going to have a conversation.” Using the Bible as a political prop isn’t right, David Gornoski says, but we also shouldn’t be bombing innocents abroad and perpetuate starvation by sanctioning. “If we’re going to imitate Jesus let us apply the imitation to all aspects.” David passionately argues that imitation of Christ means the rejection of team-warfare set up by the status quo. We need to stop telling half-truths and tell the entire truth. Listen to the full episode for David’s epic monologue on rejecting government indoctrination and embracing free discourse and Christlike compassion.

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