David Gornoski on How Satan Casts Out Satan, Peter J. Hasson on Big Tech Manipulators

Host David Gornoski dives deep into the George Floyd murder and the following carnage and unravels the demonic mechanism that lies beneath. “Violence cannot stamp out violence,” says David as he explains the futility of rioting in the face of injustice. Also, Peter Hasson, author of ‘The Manipulators,’ calls in to discuss the role of social media companies in silencing conservative voices and policing the national thought process. The investigative reporter also brings to attention the double standards displayed by Silicon Valley during the ongoing rioting on the streets of our nation. Listen to the full episode for an epic deconstruction of the sacrificial machine, a defense of personhood, and a call to love our neighbors.

Listen to the podcast below:

Buy Peter Hasson’s book ‘The Manipulators.

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