State of the Media Assessment

“The right doesn’t have a robust answer to the lies behind the utopian revolutionary moment that we’re entering.” Joining David Gornoski for this episode is Michael Rectenwald, author of Beyond Woke, to discuss this phase of near-totalitarianism rising in our country. How can the media collude with a character like Joe Biden and portray him to the public as a Mr. Rogers? Is Critical Race Theory a tool for producing warmongers? Also in the show, professor Wilfred Reilly, author of Taboo, calls in for a state of the media assessment; here he analyzes the Big Tech censoring of the Hunter Biden story and the change in language that favors the radical left’s worldview.

Ryan McMaken: The Futute of Twitter, Decrease in Real Crime Arrests

Mises Institute’s Ryan McMaken calls in to comment on the increasing censoring by social media companies. Ryan highlights how these new media “platforms” are becoming more open about pushing their political agendas like the TV media of old. Is there any way to hold these Big Tech companies accountable? Will Twitter meet a similar fate like that of MySpace? Also, why are there fewer arrests despite the rise in homicides? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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Does Stella Immanuel MD’s Life Matter to the Media?

David Gornoski comments on the media scapegoating of Dr. Stella Immanuel. Is there credibility to what Dr. Immanuel is saying regarding the usage of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin in treating COVID-19? Amy Robbins, host of the podcast Not Your Average Gun Girls, joins David to discuss this question plus the censoring and undermining of Dr. Immanuel on social media. Do these social media companies present themselves accurately to the public or is there a dishonesty that enables them to monopolize the market? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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David Gornoski on How Satan Casts Out Satan, Peter J. Hasson on Big Tech Manipulators

Host David Gornoski dives deep into the George Floyd murder and the following carnage and unravels the demonic mechanism that lies beneath. “Violence cannot stamp out violence,” says David as he explains the futility of rioting in the face of injustice. Also, Peter Hasson, author of ‘The Manipulators,’ calls in to discuss the role of social media companies in silencing conservative voices and policing the national thought process. The investigative reporter also brings to attention the double standards displayed by Silicon Valley during the ongoing rioting on the streets of our nation. Listen to the full episode for an epic deconstruction of the sacrificial machine, a defense of personhood, and a call to love our neighbors.

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Jeff Deist on Pandemic War Propaganda, Dr. Yu on Ultrasound Therapy and Nuclear Fusion

Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist highlights the eerie similarity between war propaganda and the COVID-19 media coverage. Is there a ‘smoking gun’ that justifies the economic shutdown? Deist also comments on the news surrounding Trump’s executive move against Twitter.
Dr. Weiping Yu returns with Science and U to discuss the latest method of using ultrasound against cancer cells in our bodies. The physicist also reacts to Commonwealth Fusion’s plan for a fusion reactor demonstration by 2025 and challenges us to rethink our basic assumptions about nuclear fusion.

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Dr. Robert Epstein Exposes Google Election Interference and Manipulation

Former Editor in Chief of Psychology Today, Dr. Robert Epstein, Harvard PhD, joins us to talk about his stunning work on Google and social media manipulation and election interference. Even the simplest search results, Dr. Epstein claims, can dramatically shift the election in favor of one candidate. “Seventy percent of the YouTube videos people watch are just handed to them by Google.” Also brought up in the interview are YouTube’s censoring tactics and the tech company’s history of silencing dissident voices. Listen to the full episode for an unpacking of social media’s darkest secrets and more.

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Joe Gruters: Getting Back to Work

Host David Gornoski brings to light how our arbitrary usage of coercive state power and the ‘quarantining’ of projected guilt fails in binding our society together. David also comments on the media’s obsession with policing speech, the government misinformation on nutrition, and the general distraction of politics from the actual solving of problems. Plus, state senator Joe Gruters calls in to discuss the media backlash against the state of Florida for taking a lighter approach to the pandemic and how the Sunshine State is finally getting back to work.

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Rep. Mike Hill: Government Overreach Is Not The Answer

In this episode of A Neighbor’s Choice, Florida Rep. Mike Hill calls in and argues that instead of panicking and shutting down the economy saner heads should have prevailed. “Government is not the answer, it has created the problem in the first place.” The conversation then moves to Mike Hill’s email interaction with a woman about her unemployment woes and how fear has consumed the entire population into going along with the government’s nonsensical measures. Listen to the full podcast for Rep. Hill’s thoughts on government overreach, social media censoring, foreign policy, criminal justice, and more.

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