The Science: Robert W. Malone MD, Where Do We Go From Here? (Part 2)

David Gornoski continues his discussion with mRNA inventor Dr. Robert W. Malone. How can we protect ourselves if COVID-19 reemerges? What role do seed oils play in accelerating ARDS? Is there a possibility of a next-generation free speech platform? Is there merit to the idea that Bill Gates is paving the way for Malthusian ethics dominating the world? Should there be autopsies on people who died from the vaccines? Listen to the full podcast to find out and more.

Dr. Malone’s Substack.
Check out Public Health News here.

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  1. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    it is necessary to lift the ban on autopsies on people who have died of vaccination in order to establish the true level of genocide, but in parallel alternative media are needed to inform humanity about the health risks of vaccination and alternative judges, alternative police and prisons to keep such parasites as Geits and his hosts, whose instructions he follows … Geits here is just a boy from the church choir, but he has masters longing to kill people and turn the rest into genetically modified vegetables … They must be are tried and executed under the Nuremberg Code


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