Dr. Max Zamilov on America’s Coming Technological Renaissance (Part 1)

Nuclear scientist Dr. Max Zamilov joins the show to discuss why America is the land of free enterprise and what made him decide to immigrate here. Dr. Zamilov describes the situation in Russia during the nineties when corruption was rampant and how it hasn’t changed much today. What lessons can America learn from the former Soviet Union? The conversation moves towards whether unregulated markets are really the way forward seeing how the oligarchs, after the fall of the USSR, exploited Russia’s natural resources. If there are no regulations, how can we shake off our reliance on China as a manufacturing hub? The answer to this should clearly be the total scrapping of taxation on domestic businesses. How can America replicate the manufacturing boom it experienced in the sixties? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Listen to the podcast:

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