Trail Thoughts: Confronting Scientism

Biden and his handlers want to impose a hundred days of wearing masks. Why isn’t he pointing us to the right nutritional practices in order to strengthen our immunity? Join David Gornoski as he explains how the government cult of “trusting the experts” isn’t far away from the lynchmobs and witch hunts of the ancient world. What lies behind the constant scapegoating on Twitter? How do we keep ourselves free from this sickness of envy and how do we exorcize people from this demonic spirit?

Also in the show, noted publisher Eric Kampmann returns with a brand new segment of Trail Thoughts. Eric tells us how the term “Trail Thoughts” came about via his experiences of reflecting on big issues like faith and doubt while hiking in the mountains. From there, Eric shifts the conversation to the rise of Gnosticism and Scientism as ideologies substituting God in our lives. “Science,” Eric says, “is a method and not salvation.” How do we avoid falling into the trap of materialism and idolatry? How do we stay the course of serving our neighbor? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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