Ron Paul: Socialist Republicans vs. Crony Democrats

In this special episode, David Gornoski is joined by former congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Dr. Ron Paul touches on how his predictions about the economy came true; how the billionaires became richer in the pandemic; Russia and the Ukraine situation; the supply chain crisis; mandating drugs; and more. What has the latest data […]

Scientism Religion Falling Apart

“Scientism is the biggest hindrance to progress,” David Gornoski says as he begins the show. What is scientism? David highlights how the American Heart Association, for example, pushes myths in nutrition that say red meat causes cancer. Where are the skeptics on the Left and what will it take for genuine scientific inquiry to return? […]

Trail Thoughts: Confronting Scientism

Biden and his handlers want to impose a hundred days of wearing masks. Why isn’t he pointing us to the right nutritional practices in order to strengthen our immunity? Join David Gornoski as he explains how the government cult of “trusting the experts” isn’t far away from the lynchmobs and witch hunts of the ancient […]