Trump and Martyr’s Energy: Why Scapegoats Have Power

Since 2015, I have identified Trump as the supreme scapegoat of the American establishment and its followers. In podcasts, articles, and radio shows, I have explained the Christian anthropological forces at play in giving him power the more he is vilified and persecuted. Understanding why is the key to unlocking our future.

THINGS HIDDEN 107: The Future of Mimesis, Psychology, Physics with Scott Garrels

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski sits down with psychologist Scott Garrels, author of Mimesis and Science, for a conversation on mimetic theory from a psychological perspective; mirror neurons; magnetoreception; unanimity against a scapegoat; how psychology, physics, and mimetic theory compliments each other; and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 106: The Cleansing of the Temple

David Gornoski, Shannon Braswell, and Shane Kennedy sit down for a conversation that starts off with Jesus’ cleansing of the temple and then moves into how this event has changed the trajectory of human history. What is the anthropological reality behind animal sacrifices? Would Jesus have survived in Old Testament times? What does the casting […]

How the Gospel Changed Politics, Wilfred Reilly on How to Get Out of Identity Politics

Rev. Jim Fitzgerald joins David Gornoski to discuss the Gospel’s impact on the way human beings conduct themselves politically. Why is there such a venomous hatred for the human body in our time? Does a scapegoat have to be innocent? Is Trump a mirror image of his opponents? Listen to the full show to find […]

David Gornoski on the Mad Ones Podcast – Scapegoats and Substitutionary Violence

David Gornoski was recently interviewed on the Mad Ones podcast. You can watch the video above or go to this link for the audio. Show description: This week, we are joined by David Gornoski of A Neighbor’s Choice joins us to talk about human nature, mimetic theory, and the role of the scapegoat in society. […]

The State Is a Bad Role Model

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] Is there a way to avoid the statist scapegoating machine and come out healthier and prosperous? Is there any forward vision in the new Right’s reactionary ways? Join David Gornoski as he deconstructs the mythic violence of the State while exposing how it plays […]

The Decline & Schism of America’s Civic Religion

David Gornoski starts the episode by talking about what binds us together in modern societies. Is America’s civic religion on the verge of being torn apart? What new secular religions are emerging during this crisis? What did Jesus mean when he said “I come to bring peace but not as the world gives it?” Listen […]

Can Caesar Cast Out Caesar?

“The people who want Caesar and people who are lost in their mimetic desires.” Join David Gornoski as he takes on the reaction to the establishment that demands more power. Can Satan be cast out by Satan? Can Caesar cast out Caesar? What did the pandemic teach us about the power of Caesar? How can […]

Russia as International Scapegoat

Is Russia being scapegoated on the international stage? Is the West in any position to preach democracy to the world? Why has Putin managed to rile up the western powers against him? Join David Gornoski as he answers these critical questions for our time while dissecting the victim-garbed tyranny perpetuated by the ruling elites and […]

The Ukraine Crisis

What happens when maturation is discouraged in favor of consumption? Join David Gornoski as he starts the show with a call for creativity instead of scapegoating. To drive this point home, David revisits the story of Monica Paulus and the persecution she had to endure. David is joined by Col. Douglas Macgregor who comments on […]