THINGS HIDDEN 25: The Christ-Haunted Faith of Socialism

David Gornoski sits down with Dr. Andrei Znamenski, a professor of history with an interest in anthropology. Znamenski starts the discussion by breaking down the evolution of human society from the Marxist perspective and makes the case that Marxism is fundamentally a religious philosophy. Like all religions, Marxism is based on the scapegoat mechanism. How do Marxists employ this scapegoat mechanism in their ideology? Why did Russia and China readily accept socialism in the twentieth century? What were the early Christian influences in China that paved the way for Marxism to take root? How did socialism and communism come out of Christian deviations? What is the link between today’s cultural left-Woke ideology and classic Marxism? Listen to the full podcast as Andrei Znamenski answers these important questions and more.

Buy Andrei Znamenski’s book Socialism as a Secular Creed here.

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