Unmasking the Media Democracy Deniers, Frederick Douglass vs Marx

Why is it important for the average Joe to call out bureaucratic corruption at the local level? Has the corporate press turned into an oligarchy of democracy deniers? Listen to the full show to find out. Plus, KCarl Smith, writer at 1819 News, calls in to talk about the towering historical presence of Frederick Douglass […]

THINGS HIDDEN 50: How Socialism Infected America

In this edition of THINGS HIDDEN, David Gornoski is joined by Andrei Znamenski, professor of history with an interest in anthropology. The two discuss the origin of socialism in Enlightenment-era Europe; how the religion of science came about; how socialism came to America with the help of Robert Owen; how the socialists interacted with Jeffersonians […]

THINGS HIDDEN 25: The Christ-Haunted Faith of Socialism

David Gornoski sits down with Dr. Andrei Znamenski, a professor of history with an interest in anthropology. Znamenski starts the discussion by breaking down the evolution of human society from the Marxist perspective and makes the case that Marxism is fundamentally a religious philosophy. Like all religions, Marxism is based on the scapegoat mechanism. How […]