THINGS HIDDEN 17: The Glorious Yeast Infection of Christianity

In this podcast of Things Hidden, David Gornoski sits down with Curtis Yarvin (also known as Mencius Moldbug), developer of Gray Mirror. Together, the two explore the founding of the United States, globalism, colonialism, America’s foreign policy, the rise of China, and more.

Curtis describes Gray Mirror as a portal to the next regime. Why do we need such a portal? David asks. Curtis answers this question by explaining the regressing trajectory from the founding of the United States onwards. Is globalist thinking born out of Christianity? What would the pioneers of the globalist experiment think when they see the crumbling of their project in today’s world?

Jesus, just before his crucifixion, said that “the stones themselves would cry out.” David Gornoski explains that this statement is a reference to the hidden victims of ritual sacrifice throughout history and what Jesus’ revelation would initiate in the form of our culture’s growing concerns for victims. The conversation then moves to the internal revolutions and conflicts that have become a recurrent feature in our society. Is this what Jesus meant when He said that He came to bring a sword?

What can we say about Christianity’s impact on humanity when we see the modern-day cultures of countries like Japan and China? Should our solution to the modern culture crisis retain a fraction of paganism?

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