David Gornoski Reviews the Trump/Biden Debate, Trail Thoughts: How to Overcome Fear

While concluding that Trump won the debate against Biden, David highlights the absence of foreign policy disasters, among the debate topics, such as the innocent people killed in Yemen, the drone strikes that killed US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki and his son, and others killed due to US interventionism abroad. Does this reveal something sinister about the media status quo? Join David Gornoski as he reveals how political theater is a distraction to keep us from noticing the cracks in a system filled with the scapegoating of the non-violent.
Also in this episode, Alec Klein and Eric Kampmann join in for another segment of Trail Thoughts. Alec and Eric talk about fear and how we can overcome it. What is fear? In what way can the Scriptures help us in conquering fear?

Veterans Radio: The Cost of War

Sgt. Dan McKnight is back with another hour of Veterans Radio. Why did Hillary Clinton lose in the last election? Dan McKnight argues that the American people are sick of endless wars and the candidate who promises to bring our troops home is the most likely to be elected president. What is the human cost of war? Sgt. McKnight answers by giving us a harrowing account of what it was like serving in Afghanistan. How does war affect our nation financially and politically? How would a Biden presidency shape our foreign policy? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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John Kiriakou on CIA’s Ukraine “Whistleblower”

In this classic interview from October 15, 2019, David Gornoski is joined by author and CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou. Together, the two discuss the allegations that President Trump would not provide military aid to Ukraine if the government did not help him investigate Joe Biden’s son. Kiriakou questions the claims of the mainstream media, particularly that their anonymous source is a “whistleblower.” Who is this anonymous source and why did he go to the CIA? Kiriakou also addresses the leftist media’s hypocrisy on social justice and foreign policy, how he was denied the right to be known as a whistleblower, how the CIA shapes information on the internet, and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 17: The Glorious Yeast Infection of Christianity

In this podcast of Things Hidden, David Gornoski sits down with Curtis Yarvin (also known as Mencius Moldbug), developer of Gray Mirror. Together, the two explore the founding of the United States, globalism, colonialism, America’s foreign policy, the rise of China, and more.

Curtis describes Gray Mirror as a portal to the next regime. Why do we need such a portal? David asks. Curtis answers this question by explaining the regressing trajectory from the founding of the United States onwards. Is globalist thinking born out of Christianity? What would the pioneers of the globalist experiment think when they see the crumbling of their project in today’s world?

Jesus, just before his crucifixion, said that “the stones themselves would cry out.” David Gornoski explains that this statement is a reference to the hidden victims of ritual sacrifice throughout history and what Jesus’ revelation would initiate in the form of our culture’s growing concerns for victims. The conversation then moves to the internal revolutions and conflicts that have become a recurrent feature in our society. Is this what Jesus meant when He said that He came to bring a sword?

What can we say about Christianity’s impact on humanity when we see the modern-day cultures of countries like Japan and China? Should our solution to the modern culture crisis retain a fraction of paganism?

Eric Garris Takes on the War Machine

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Eric Garris, founder of, joins David Gornoski to discuss the media’s role as the government’s war propaganda front as well as how he started campaigning against wars waged by the power-hungry political establishment. Why has the left abandoned its critical stance on unjust wars? How credible are the stories of chemical attacks and Gaddafi “weaponizing rape” that were used as excuses for running airstrikes in Libya and Syria? Listen to the full episode for an intriguing conversation on how victim-garbed myth-making plays a vital part in leading men and women into the mass sacrifice of war.

Do Overseas Lives Matter? - A Neighbor's Choice

Do Overseas Lives Matter? - A Neighbor's ChoiceCall in at 727-587-1040.

Posted by David Gornoski on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Do Overseas Lives Matter?

If the Democrats care about black lives, why are they silent about the suffering of black lives in Libya that was caused by Obama and Clinton? Join David Gornoski as he dismantles the media and their crony corporate allies who pretend to care about black lives but then proceed to shatter black families, both at home and abroad. The left’s concern for victims disappears when a minority person has the wrong political opinion; they are quite obviously fixated on sacrificing their political scapegoat. Since the left is obsessed with Trump’s every action, will they even have a purpose when Trump isn’t around? Listen to the full episode for all of this and more.

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Eric Garris on the Antiwar Movement, Chad Marks Returns Home

Americans don’t realize how much of our political system is tied to war profiteering, says Eric Garris, and whenever our government doesn’t like anything that another country does, we starve their people by imposing sanctions. The founder of also comments on the latest indictments on Julian Assange. Should Assange be punished for revealing the truth about our political system? Why is Trump so keen to wash his hands off Wikileaks’ founder?

Also in this episode, Lisa Jacobi from CAN-DO Clemency calls in with Chad Marks who just walked out of prison after a 17-year sentence for a non-violent crime. Listen to the full episode for exciting and thoughtful conversations on justice, reform, and freedom, both at home and abroad.

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David Gornoski on Victimism, Jack Brewer on Christlike Justice

David Gornoski explains why we should reject media-perpetuated fake ‘social justice’ issues and instead focus on real people suffering from real oppression. “Political correctness is all about pretty speech codes while bombing the ever-loving daylights out of innocents around the world.” Like the issues of mass incarceration and wars abroad, David also brings some much-needed attention to the government subsidization of unhealthy food. Can we brush aside trivial ‘woke’ matters and get down to the problems that decide whether we live or die? How can we protect real victims instead of supporting those who pander to victimism for power? Former NFL star and entrepreneur Jack Brewer joins David Gornoski to answer these important questions and more.

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Jeff Deist on Pandemic War Propaganda, Dr. Yu on Ultrasound Therapy and Nuclear Fusion

Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist highlights the eerie similarity between war propaganda and the COVID-19 media coverage. Is there a ‘smoking gun’ that justifies the economic shutdown? Deist also comments on the news surrounding Trump’s executive move against Twitter.
Dr. Weiping Yu returns with Science and U to discuss the latest method of using ultrasound against cancer cells in our bodies. The physicist also reacts to Commonwealth Fusion’s plan for a fusion reactor demonstration by 2025 and challenges us to rethink our basic assumptions about nuclear fusion.

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Danny Sjursen on Honoring Our Fallen Soldiers

“One of the ways we get rid of the malaise in our society and culture is by ending forever wars.” Danny Sjursen, writer and war veteran, joins us to explain why war has become largely invisible to the people of our nation. “Memorial day to me feels like a wretched day in a lot of sense,” says Sjursen who also feels that the holiday has been mythologized to cover up for mass sacrifice perpetuated by the war machine. Sjursen also brings to attention the ongoing escalations with Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere which he calls ‘pandemic opportunism.’ Listen to the full episode for an epic deconstruction of the sacrificial war machine, a clarion call to bring our troops home, and more on A Neighbor’s Choice.

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