Dr. Yu on How Exercise Changes Molecules and Magnetism Recharges Devices, Jeff Deist on Civil Unrest

‘A single session of exercise alters 9,815 molecules in our blood,’ a new study claims. Dr. Yu calls in to comment on this study and ties it to his theory of how vibration breaks down, restructures, and forms newer and healthier molecules. The physicist also offers his fascinating insights on a new technology that can wirelessly recharge devices using magnetism.

Also joining the show is Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist who explains how stagnant, bipartisan politics has helped in fueling violence in our society. What does the urge to tear down statues and monuments signify for our culture? Can we have police officers maintaining law and order without qualified immunity? Listen to the full episode for Jeff Deist’s thoughtful answers to these questions and more.

Listen to the podcast below:

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