Democrats Become the Party of Cages and Bombs, Brett Tolman on Criminal Justice Reform

“The Free Press has freely pressed any notion of freedom in our society.” David Gornoski starts the show by offering a stinging criticism of the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign and policy agendas, especially with regards to their anti-health, pro-war, and anti-justice intentions. “Too many people are being set free,” David says, “and the party of bombs and cages want vengeance.” Also in this episode, David and Chelsea Murphy are joined by former US attorney turned criminal justice reformer Brett Tolman for a conversation on the urgent need for a fair justice system that is not driven by political parties trying to outdo each other. The three also highlight the disastrous failure that is the war on drugs.

Ryan McMaken: The Futute of Twitter, Decrease in Real Crime Arrests

Mises Institute’s Ryan McMaken calls in to comment on the increasing censoring by social media companies. Ryan highlights how these new media “platforms” are becoming more open about pushing their political agendas like the TV media of old. Is there any way to hold these Big Tech companies accountable? Will Twitter meet a similar fate like that of MySpace? Also, why are there fewer arrests despite the rise in homicides? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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Pence-Harris Debate Preview, Tough on Crime Confusion

David Gornoski starts the show by commenting on the news that a plexiglass barrier will be installed at the Pence-Harris debate. “This is a clown show,” David says as he highlights the fear-mongering at play in the political theater. David also comments on the Russiagate revelations. “If there is no accountability for these actions…,” he says, “I don’t think the republic can be salvaged.” How can we get past the binary way of thinking towards social injustices? “As long as we’re fixated on which race or gender is the most victimized, we’ll all continue to be victims.” Can someone be merciful and also be tough on crime? Listen to the full episode as David Gornoski deconstructs Biden’s facade of wokeness and unearths a history of persecuting non-violent offenders of all colors.

Taking Negative Thoughts Captive with Neo Positivity

How do we break out of the bleakness and uncertainty of 2020? Neo Davila, founder of and host of the popular Masters of the Law of Attraction podcast, joins David Gornoski to help us tackle this question. What do we do when we hear some really bad news? How do we handle this “new normal” that is being pushed onto us? Are our actions important or is it all about the mindset? “Tell yourself, you’re a billionaire,” Neo says, emphasizing that positive thoughts make a real difference in directing us towards the right actions.

Also, David Gornoski comments on the latest news of Hillary Clinton’s link to Ghislaine Maxwell and Silicon Valley’s contingency plan in case Trump denounces the election result. Listen to the full episode for all of this and more.

Assessing the 2020 Political Landscape with Jim Babka

Jim Babka, President of, joins David Gornoski to talk about Biden choosing Kamala Harris as VP, the digital economy, and the role of the “remnant” in creating hope for liberty. Jim highlights how the opposition to Trump is the only unifying factor for the Democratic party at this point while pointing out that real change in the justice system is nowhere to be found in their policies. In an age of increasing surveillance and digitization of our economy, is libertarianism in need of an update? Is cryptocurrency a viable alternative? In the light of growing undifferentiation, is the erasure of the state a good thing? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Overcoming the Coming Recession, Keith Weiner Joins

David Gornoski starts by commenting on the media bullying of Kanye West and the demand for defunding the police. “When are we going to just say no to the clowns to claim to save us but then stab us in the back and pit us against each other?” The host of A Neighbor’s Choice is also joined by Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals, and together they look into the future of our lockdown-hit economy. What can be done to avoid the coming recession? How can we live within our means and stay out of debt? Listen to the full episode for the answers and more.

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Corey DeAngelis: Time to Ban Private Schools?

Corey DeAngelis, Director of School Choice at Reason Foundation and Adjunct Scholar at Cato Institute, joins David Gornoski to discuss the news of teachers’ unions and the Democratic Socialists of America demanding a ban on private schools. Corey argues that the factory-model of public schools are failing in big ways while students in ‘micro-schools’ and homeschools are learning at an extraordinary rate. When families are choosing alternatives over government options, is this an example of McWokeism overplaying its hand? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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Chris Calton on America’s History of Policing

Historian Chris Calton calls in to talk about the history of policing in America. The primary contributor to issues like rioting and police brutality, Calton says, is urban policing. Crime is not the primary determiner in arrest and incarceration statistics, Calton shockingly states. If crimes haven’t increased then why are arrests increasing? The reason, according to Calton, is top-down pressure from politicians and bureaucrats to increase arrests. How did qualified immunity come into existence and how instrumental has it been in the rise of police brutality? How did criminal law originate? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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What Causes Our Strife and How to Fix It - A Neighbor's Choice

What Causes Our Strife and How to Fix It - A Neighbor's ChoiceCall in at 727-587-1040.

Posted by David Gornoski on Thursday, July 9, 2020

What Causes Our Strife and How to Fix It

David Gornoski starts the show by commenting on the news surrounding Ghislaine Maxwell, Kanye West, and Roger Stone. We need to see the hidden scapegoats in our culture, says David; the media with its negative feedback loop tries to make this impossible for us. What does it mean when someone like Kanye has to delete a tweet because of mob backlash? Part of dealing with this scapegoat culture involves courageously telling the truth. “You don’t flinch when you’re dealing with the mob.” Is it the fault of liberty that we have a consumerist culture? The problem, David points out, is that we have an economic system that empowers the mob and rewards wickedness. Listen to the full episode for David Gornoski’s epic refutation of pro-crowd economics and culture.

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Ron Paul on Policing, Justice, and Stagnation in America

Dr. Ron Paul, former presidential candidate and champion of liberty, joins David Gornoski to talk about some of the pressing issues our country is facing right now.

On the calls to defund the police, Dr. Paul cautions against involving the federal government while pointing out that the problem of arbitrary violence exists because of government involvement. Dr. Paul urges us to shift our focus on the violent institutions whose very existence perpetuates the problems we’re seeing today.

What is the future of politics on educational campuses? Dr. Paul says the situation is ripe for self-proclaimed progressives to take the initiative in demanding change while correcting the socialist movement that crony-corporatism and government bailouts, not free-market economics, are the real problem. The purpose of government is to protect property, Dr. Paul says, but right now the government stands for bankruptcy and the opposite of liberty.

What does Dr. Paul think of Kanye West running for president? How can we move from economic enslavement to prosperity and liberty? Can we rediscover true justice in a myriad of fake justice issues thrown at us by the media? Listen to the full podcast to find out.

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