David Cayley on Rene Girard, Ivan Illich, and Societal Breakdown

In these times of social unrest we need to understand what drives humanity towards conflict. David Cayley, longtime CBC Ideas broadcaster, joins David Gornoski to discuss the breakdown of social unity through a distinctly Christian lens shaped by experiences with Rene Girard and Ivan Illich. On the pandemic, Cayley says that “the virus is the perfect enemy” but expresses concern over those who are suffering due to the measures imposed. “There’s this perfectionist notion that this virus can be wrestled to the ground and that we can be safe,” Cayley remarks, “but we can never be safe.” Listen to the full episode for an anthropological breakdown of the pandemic and more.

Listen to the podcast below:

Visit David Cayley’s website at davidcayley.com

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  1. Dub
    Dub says:

    Excellent listening! “Right?” 🙂 “It’s getting better as it gets worse.”
    It warmed up midway through for me. I could’ve gone an hour more. (thank Joe Rogan for that 😉 ) Good travel listening too.


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